Creativity works all hours

Good Morning! Pretty quiet here in my corner of the Fort but I also imagine most things are currently quiet everywhere. As for the three of us, we spent the week that was supposed to be Spring Break pretty much like we normally would have. A couple of errands, some tv marathons and generally just hanging out. Tomorrow however we've got to create some sense of adjusted normal with creating school routines again.
As for craft things my brain woke me up at 5 this morning saying "your warp you wound yesterday for the Handwoven project is all wrong. You've got to adjust your color usage." So I've been awake doing just that. Unwinding a warp that I thought would be ready to go this morning. But that's okay because I would prefer to do the project right.
One other thing I'm doing right now is more spinning. I can't seem to get away from my wheel since I completed the Spin-Off Project.
One good thing about spinning laceweight yarn is that it takes a looooong time get through four ounces of fiber! This is a bamboo/silk blend that I bought ages ago at Lambspun. Before the world got crazy I also picked up some Malabrigo Nube from Your Daily Fiber that I plan to jump into next. I'm also almost done knitting a new pattern with Trust and asked the girls to help keep me on track with being on the computer to get various other ones written as well. 
Take care of each other and yourselves and keep smiling :)

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