Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet here in my little corner of the Fort so far today. The sun is peeking out but I think winter is going to try to blow through just a bit again this afternoon. I believe the official count in my area from the snowstorm was 20 inches of snow, most of which is all gone now which is one of the perks here.
What did we do this past week? Serra did as I thought with it being her spring break, eat soup, sleep and play Minecraft. School starts up again tomorrow with students going back in person full time. I hope that it goes well because her friends are on opposite days during hybrid which is hard. Amanda did not get a spring break as her school canceled it and pushed the start of the semester by a week. A smart decision in my opinion considering they have been in quarantine. It should be ending tonight and in person classes and labs will resume again tomorrow. 
Crafts this last week included knitting on two very different patterns and time in the studio. Susan is now threaded up with some happy spring colors for tea towels for the Spring Market coming up.
warp on Susan
It's interesting how each loom has its own personality and rhythm. Rapunzel is the workhorse and most times the one I go to to knock a piece out quickly on. Susan is a little more sedate and doesn't like high tension. Max is fun to flip all 16 levers on but you have to pay a bit more attention to feeding your shuttle through and Flynn can handle just about anything. I will probably work with him some this week so that he can be a demo piece at the market. 
As for me this week, overall it was good. Getting back in the studio with the looms and listening to baseball felt good. Some other news I received got me to thinking about how life's curveballs are actually blessings in disguise. You make a decision or want something and it doesn't work out or go your way but then looking back on it makes you realize how much better things are because of how it happened. Something it that event helped you grow, you just don't always see it at the time. There are still some days that I worry or some days that I'm lonely but also I'm dreaming bigger than I ever thought possible before. Now it's staying in the moment and slowly building on those dreams.
Next week! More of everything. Patterns that need to be finished and pieces to weave. Don't forget more spring baseball and March Madness to follow. Breathe, take care of you and I'll be back next week ;)

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