Good Morning and Happy Sunday! What do I say about today? The temperature is just right outside. In fact, I turned off the heat and have the window open to feel the light, crisp breeze float over my toes. The sun is shining bright this morning and for the last few days the sky has been a brilliant shade of blue. In a way I would love to capture it for a yarn color, yet I also don't want to diminish it to something ordinary and everyday. I wasn't out of bed early enough for the sunrise today, but Tuesday's skies did not disappoint.
What did we do this week? The grind of the semester is starting to pile up on Amanda. I am told no breaks and constant work will do that, (pfffftt, whatever) so I am glad that she and some friends went to the Saratoga Comic Con yesterday. She has only two days of class next week before the holiday break. Hopefully she will be able to get some rest then as well. It will be her first time going to a friend's for a holiday so I'm curious about the stories she will have to tell! 
Serra had a good week. She has not had any trouble getting up early for her new schedule and is having fun with jazz band. She gets the entire week off for the holiday and was already bored yesterday when it hasn't even started yet! She might find a day to spend with friends and we talked about doing some college prep over the week to help her feel productive. We are not the biggest traditional holiday meal eaters, as Serra does not like turkey. Makes it much easier for me!
Quieter week for work with not having a photo shoot and having a managing editor pushing me to take some time off so, I did. Makes for two short weeks in a row for me. There's still rounds to go through, contact sheets from the last shoots to create, web posts to manage, and summer files to prepare. I do still have the summer project to finish as I did not let myself work on it with being off. 
The majority of craft time was spent spinning. I still have my breakfast spin which is great in the mornings with the extra time. Roy and I like to enjoy the Thursday night football game, and Rumple is making good progress on a web post spin. 
This a blend of Merino/Yak/Silk from Greenwood Fiberworks and silly enough it is called 'Sunrise'. I did something a little different with the braid's colors which will be the focus of the post for Spin Off. The changes I made were inspired by one of the contributor's articles. 
As for me, it was a glorious week. Believe it or not, I did rest and relax. It's easy if you are given the space and time. I also feel stable for possibly the first time ever. That stability is taking off the pressure to push. Something else I have been thinking about over the past few weeks that I saved for today is the idea of seven-year cycles. We hear about it in marriage with the 'seven-year itch'. In science with the idea that all of your cells are replaced over a seven-year period (not really), and if you have looked at or studied the charkras there are seven of them. As you grow and progress from 0-49 you travel up the spiral through them. Don't worry, if you are in year 49-50 you go back to the base level and start again. Today is the end of seven-year cycle for me and even though not all of my cells have replaced over a seven-year period, I am a different person. I am HERE and I am my own creation. Thank you for seeing that.
Next week! I would say quiet, however Amanda will be going Black Friday shopping with a couple of enthusiasts and Serra and I need to go grocery shopping in the pre-holiday crush. Maybe we will use our early mornings to our advantage. Breathe, be, smile, glow, feel, Love, rise from the ashes, and I'll be back next week :)

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