Does anybody really know what time it is?

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! We made it folks! We are now back to the light and springing forward with the clocks. Granted, my body still thinks it is an hour earlier than the clocks say but I'll get there. Probably didn't help myself but staying up an extra hour reading my new book either. Girls on the other hand, don't fight the clock as I do and are still asleep! 
What did we do this week? Serra, bless her heart, was actually dealing with a case of the flu instead of what we thought were migraines. Tough kid braved it out for three days to handle a math test, a French test and party, and playing in the concert band regional festival. She has made it out the other side but gets worn out easily. Good thing it is spring break, and she can get some rest. As for the results from the concert band festival, her band scored a superior with distinction which is the highest classification possible! They now have a month until the state level competition. During that time, they have to swap out and prepare a new piece. 
Amanda finally got to meet with her advisor, is on the list to be an RA for the fall, and has classes selected for her senior year. Her registration time is tomorrow afternoon and with the computer system in place will take approximately two minutes. I think most of that time is simply logging in! With the extra time this week she is going to help Serra do some college application prep. On that note, we also have a trip to plan! It's time for Serra's college visits. She has chosen three schools that are all within three hours' drive of each other. I have the time off of work, so now it is figuring out the details.
Speaking of work, I successfully navigated my first official trip of rounds on an issue this past week. The files went to press on Friday. The printer will be downloading and preparing them this week. My next task on that issue will be to double check each page and sign off on it for printing. Other issues are in various stages that I have a part in. This week will see some writing, checking in projects and materials, and some photo shoot prep.
Crafts as usual were all over the place this week. A little bit of carrot colored spinning, some plying on Lou, another hexagon completed on the Starflower project, sleeve work on Serra's giant yellow Sith robe and a bit of zoom loom.
Yes, I have another rainbow-colored project in the works. The yarn is Scheepjes Stone Wash. I used it on a previous sample knit and liked it. Unusual for me considering it is a single ply and made of cotton and acrylic. I like how it is working up on the zoom loom. I am still working on my tension as the last few picks are always hard to weave! Each four-inch square take me 30-45 minutes so the Little Looms contributors will not have competition from me any time soon. 
Another solid week in the books for me. I love my job and am extremely grateful for it. The future will come when it gets here, and I am not feeling the need to rush it. Things are becoming easier. We still have a lot to do, especially considering the list the girls and I made yesterday; however, it all doesn't have to be done tomorrow. This list is what needs to be accomplished over the next few months and I know we can do it. 
Next week! It's spring break! We have some fun planned, some work to do, and some rest that is needed. Breathe, glow, soak in the calm, dream, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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