Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I believe it might be possible that fall has finally come to stay in my little corner of Colorado. The days haven't been near as hot, and the nights are blessedly cool. This weekend's sleep has been wonderful because of it, even with the unusual dream this morning. I don't know of anyone that I would inherit a mansion and grounds from to turn into a bookstore/cafe/craft utopia complete with dye garden, wood shop, classrooms, and space for some of my local friends that do such things to help manage it, but it was lovely.
What did we do this week? Serra did an outstanding job on her cat dissection practical and has been enjoying The Great Gatsby in English class. We also attended the out-of-state college fair that is hosted by Poudre High School every fall. She did a massive amount of research beforehand on areas that she does not want to attend. Armed with that information she knew what states she wanted to talk to. Having a very focused goal of wanting to study Forensic Sciences limits her options more. I was extremely proud of how she handled herself with asking the presenters if they offered it as a major and how gracious she was with each of them whether the school had the area of study or not. I simply followed along, picked up brochures and scanned lists to see what kind of school it was. She has now created another list of schools all across the country to narrow down into selections for this time next year when the application process starts. 
Amanda survived her first week of exams. She handled three this week and took Saturday off to have some fun. Downtown there is a farmer's market on Saturdays, but it sounds like far more that fruits and vegetables that we have here. With the food offerings it sounds like they set up a Taste of Fort Collins every week! Fried mac n cheese balls and crepes sound tasty! Being an RA has given her 130 little siblings and she is finally making some connections. Several of them love to come by and drag her out of her room to go on adventures which I love. She has a couple of leads working for an internship or co-op for next semester that we are both keeping our fingers crossed for.
Lots of writing for work this week as the spring issue of PieceWork is heading into the home stretch. Crafts saw the finish of a skein of yarn.
This is the Amethyst colorway from Greenwood Fiberworks. The blend is Merino/Bamboo/Silk and was wonderful to spin. It is 2-ply and came out to 20 wpi. I have not done a yardage estimate on it yet but I'm sure there is plenty for something fun. It turned out just how I was expecting, like a cone of cotton candy.
As for me this week had its ups and downs. I'm thrilled that Serra is putting in the effort to find a college and that I'm not having to push her into it. That does however drive home the fact that I will be solo in a short amount of time. Sometimes I look forward to it and sometimes like this week it looks rather lonely and makes me a bit blue. Proud of both of my girls for following their dreams. My dream may not be the all-inclusive bookstore/cafe/craft utopia that I created in my subconscious this morning, but it is growing, and I am working to be worthy of it. 
Next week! Two early morning band rehearsals to prepare for the first concert of the year for Serra, one more exam for Amanda along with more Calculus mentoring, and for me? More crafting, learning and believing in myself that I can do all the things. Breathe, be, dream, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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