Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Before you say anything, yes, I know it's early. The skies are still dark outside my window today and I am already awake. Saturday nights, the dreaming world and I have not gotten along well lately so when I woke up today, I said enough. Now I am in my comfy chair wrapped in my pashmina blanket waiting for the sunrise. Hopefully the dreams are the Universe's way of clearing out some of the old clutter to make more room to believe in myself.
What did we do this week? It was a short one for Serra with having Friday off. She turned in her WWI project on poison gases and is always ahead in Anatomy. Being a part of Honor Societies means finding activity hours. This week it was a game night en français at CSU. Driving is going well as we took care of the tires on the car and ran errands. Next week will be a full one with jazz and extra rehearsal for a festival Thursday, Science tutoring on Wednesday and her dream school coming for a college visit on Monday.
Amanda survived her three exams and completed her linear algebra assignment. She really has a great group of kids on her floor. They respected her do not disturb sign, left encouraging notes on her door and baked her a cake once she was finished. Friday nights have become the pow wow where they all congregate at her door and stay up talking for a good portion of the night. Much different than how RAs were treated in my day which makes me glad. She also made it to her first college hockey game! Even with the loss to Harvard in OT it was a good time, and she plans to go again this next weekend.
A photo shoot, the web and some water cooler time filled up the week for work. I am grateful that we work remotely however sometimes there can be a bit of disconnect. When one of our editors comes out for a photo shoot it is always good to get together and talk about everything. Next week will be a few more meetings than usual and a new issue being released. I realized that my hands are literally in this one.
For crafts, I had an order for tatting thread.
This is the Strawberry Lemonade gradient and since she ordered 3 sets, I offered to dye it as one long piece which is easier for tatting. 
As for me it was a solid week. Might be shade behind on a few things for work but they should be easy to catch up Monday. November is normally the month of gratitude which I prefer to express every day. That being said, I am extremely grateful for my job and the company I am with. I've had to remind myself over the last couple of days to be in the moment and to not get ahead. That really strikes home when you get news of an unexpected passing in the extended family. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed and life continually slips through the fingers, more so when you grasp it too tightly. I guess the big question from all of this is are you living the life that you want and that feeds the inner you? It has taken a while, but I feel that I am regardless of what the dream space tries to tell me.
Next week! Extra rehearsals, band event and Arcadia for Serra. Study, a concert, and more hockey for Amanda. For me? Building MY dreams and not listening to the ones that come unannounced. Breathe, feel, smile, grow, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :) 

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