Every day is a winding road

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I'm a bit slow to greet the morning today with the wet and grey outside my window. Or it could be from staying up late last night with baseball and the marching band championships. It's probably that I needed some extra rest and a bed with fresh sheets is extra comfy.
What did we do this week? This was one of those weird ones. The week felt both long and short. Time flew by but Monday felt like it was ages ago. I guess that's what happens when it is quiet. Serra's big event was getting her hair done. She experimented with color over the summer and fall going from blue to purple and rainbow to orange and eventually a green that would not leave due to the damage she had done to it. I asked if she was done and would like to get it trimmed and colored at the salon and she said yes. She now has much shorter but all one shade of hair that will eventually get trimmed off as it grows. The most important part? She loves it.
Amanda thinks her professors are all conspirators and decided to give her massive assignments to be due all at the same time. Thankfully she's treating it just as you would a meal of an elephant, one bite at a time. I love the lessons that she is learning of being on your own and being your honest self. The kid has no illusions and no fear of calling others out on their own bs. 
As for crafts this week I did find some time to spend in the studio working with Susan.
A little bit of pattern in this portion of the Vormir colorway.
I finished the spin on my Spanish Peacock Russians.
This is the Diamond colorway from Greenwood Fibers. Carolyn has been doing a birthstone inspired collection all year asking for color recommendations on FB. November is next and as it's my birthday month I've already chosen the theme I want to post for her with my fingers crossed of it being used. This will be plied with 120/2 silk from Treenway Silks
It must have been a spinning week as I also finished some Yak/Silk on a John Galen Tahkli.
I'm still loving things with Long Thread Media and started a crochet project for an upcoming issue. One of the web pieces I wrote a couple of weeks ago also has had over 10K views! It's pretty amazing.
As for me it was a solid week, especially welcomed after a rocky weekend. I took some time to look at how far life has come not just over the last five years but the last twenty. Am I anywhere near where I thought I would be after the first semester in the Fort? No, not at all. What I am is happy, something that is still a little foreign. I am also grateful for this life right now in this moment. The thing about the path not being straight is that if you pay attention you learn about yourself along the way. Hopefully in that learning you can make the choices to create the life that YOU want instead of dealing with the life you think others need of you. 
Next week! The first week of November. There are things that need doing as it's a big plate this month but just like Amanda I'll take it one step at a time. Breathe, listen to your heart, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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