Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Bit of a late start today as my friend Fall has finally arrived. Temperatures are cooling off and look to stay that way. So even though I was awake at 5:30, the covers were super snuggly, and I crashed back out. There was even a couple of days last week that were perfect for stretching out and doing nothing, a rarity in many ways for me.

What did we do this week? It sounds like classes are cruising along for Amanda. Finally getting to take courses that are the entire point of your college career is great. Tutoring starts this week, yes, she is again sharing her alphabet math skills to fund her Indian food addiction. 

Serra still has not had any homework in her classes. Thankfully she is settling into the slower rhythm that has been set and isn't getting upset about it. She does have a bit of makeup to do today as she stayed home Friday. The little owl from Duolingo badgers her every day to keep up on her French skills since she is not in the class this semester. I am glad that it gives her something to work on, especially now that we know there is going to be a trip over spring break. 

Work was a busy short week with the holiday. Bluelines for the winter issue and a photo shoot filled up the time. I received some kudos for the shoot, so fingers crossed it will lead to more good things. This week is another shoot, two days this time, a couple of days with meetings, web posts to catch up, spring files to finish prepping, and there's always more to learn. I am working on my copy-editing skills with reading a couple of recommended books and hoping to find time to get back into my Udemy classes.

Remember my spindles I was working on?

Craft time was spent plying this spun Merino with 120/2 silk from Treenway Silks. From the amount of silk that I used I have about 2560 yards of fluffiness! Originally, I thought I would have to spin all ten ounces of the lovely fiber from Rani Smith Designs for the pattern I plan to knit. This is all I need.

Some other spinning lately is from a special source. I wrote a post for Spin Off about getting just the right shot at photo shoots. Two more hexies joined the pile yesterday and I think I found a method to join them all together once I get to that point. There is still a lot of knitting to do. It's a good break project for when I want to do something quick. Each one takes about 90 minutes to complete. With September also comes one of my favorite events of the year, Hobonichi Time! I found these planners several years ago and they spend the entire month of August as a buildup to sales opening on September 1st.

They use FedEx for shipping, and it got here quick! Each Life book has a page for each day of the year along with weekly and monthly pages. This year I purchased an additional one for Serra to create her adulting book. Remember how everyone used to keep track of important dates in the family bible? The adulting book that I am creating for each of them is my version of it. Since there is a page for each day, they will be able to add their own important events in the future. 

As for me, the week was bounded by blue on each end that I am out of today. The middle of the week had its parts that were busy, glorious and unexpected. When you're young, you tend to look at life in terms of black and white that line up with society's rules and expectations. You think that things can only be one way. If you grow, if you evolve, you start to learn about all of the possible variations, not only learning about variations but creating them as well. This evolution, this growth has given me more than I ever imagined, making each day, each moment unique.
Next week! Classes and tutoring for Amanda, classes and the French trip meeting for Serra. Me? Today is Football! The rest of the week, a whirlwind, a couple of appointments, two-day photo shoot and getting winter to press. Breathe, grow, be, smile, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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