Extra time

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's quiet here in my little corner of the Fort. the sun is slowly creeping up into the sky and the owl that lives in the barn across the street just said "goodnight". Sleep has been elusive as I have been awake since three. Perhaps as a mortal I feel the need to make the most of all the time I can.
What did we do this week? My attempts to make use of the Memorial Day Holiday for rest failed miserably as I could not relax on Monday. I suppose however that rest can mean many different things and finishing some projects was rest in its own way for me. Serra got a wild idea and wanted to get creative. Hand sewing is something she has never done before and she took to it like a duck to water. She is impatiently waiting for the order of fabric that we placed to arrive as she wanted a particular color for the item she wants to make. I love to feed creativity.
Amanda has settled back into her groove after her second week on campus. Things are still a bit quiet as only 500-600 students are there and she keeps different hours compared to everyone else. Rare is the night she loses sleep, unless of course it is to the random fire alarm going off. She has a long paper to tackle today.
Crafts this week were spent teaching Serra and getting some finishing in. Four of my seven full spindles have been plied off and finished.
Now I have a colorway complete. This the Sunset colorway in 50% silk, 50% yak blend from Greenwood Fiberworks that I plied with similar colors of silk from Redfish Dyeworks. I have not measured the grist on the yarn yet but would guess that each little skein is close to 500 yards. I also finished the shawl for The Loopy Ewe along with a tatted piece. Maybe it is a good thing I was up at three today, I keep thinking of more things that need to be done!
As for me it was a solid week. I might not have taken the holiday Monday as I had planned but I still accomplished some self-care with getting a long overdue haircut and reading before bed. I am realizing that there is a core theme to many of my favorite books including the one I just finished in the wee hours this morning. It doesn't matter if the characters are magical, blessed by gods or divine themselves each of them want to experience life, to feel Alive. To fill each moment rather than only existing and simply letting them pass by. That a simple life full of depth and shared in love is better than one lived on the surface and is spent killing time versus nurturing it. 
This week! Sewing with Serra, an edging to finish for a photo shoot on Tuesday, more sports to watch, books to read and things to learn. Breathe, feel, create your world, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :) 

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