Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The world exists in various shades of white through the window so far today. If you think I will be opening the doors to venture out into it over the next couple of days, think again. It is extremely cold and looks to get colder. It is no wonder then that I am slow this morning, as bed was cozy. Also did not help that I slept better after the alarm went off than I did all night. I wonder if the idea of an alarm to go to sleep has ever been studied.
What did we do this past week? Classes started for the girls, and it sounds like it is going to be an amazing semester. Amanda had a great time role playing as a disgruntled resident during RA training and has class with one of her favorite professors. She is enjoying fifty-degree weather and hopes the storm that crashed into Buffalo and moved the Steelers game does not head her way.
Serra has two AP classes this semester along with band and government. AP Statistics is her favorite, and she is enjoying how the teacher explains topics and allows them to work independently. Jazz band auditions were last week, and since she tutors in the mornings on Monday and Thursday for SNHS, she'll be in the group that rehearses Tuesday and Friday. Makes for longer days but she loves it.
I think I finally got back into the swing at work after the holiday this last week. Ended up with a few more things to do so I'll just keep adding to the list. This week it will be good to get out a bit at a two-day shoot. I am glad that it is local, and at the end of the week to get this white stuff gone!
Crafts this week has seen the finish of some sample knitting for classes at The Loopy Ewe
Fair Isle Mitts in Little Squirrel Yarn, which is wonderful to work, is available in small skeins that are perfect for colorwork and is dyed locally.
And if you have never tried cables, I will be teaching a couple of one-shot classes to learn the basics. More information can be found on the classes page. 
A couple more hexies for the Starflower blanket were finished off and I spent a bit of time spinning with Roy. I need to find some inspiration to get back into the studio to weave as well. 
As for me, the last couple of days have felt like a case of emotional road rash. Everything has rubbed the wrong way and either flared my temper or made me leak. I thought I would take solace in some music; however, it didn't help. I've wanted company yet also wanted to be left alone so it's been a few days of extremes that I'm trying to come out of. Hopefully finding some focus and creating a plan with my time will help. I just need to trust the process.
This week! I know students just started back to class however I can totally see Tuesday being a snow day with the expected negative temperatures. Amanda has probably broken out the shorts and Serra is going to snuggle in her blankets. I have some tatting to do, a photo shoot to coordinate, and a Steelers team to cheer for. Breathe, be, trust, relax, Love, find the center, and I'll be back next week :) 

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