Falling behind

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I could be disappointed that I didn't get rainbows earlier today. Instead, I am enjoying the cloudy skies and cooler temperatures. We've had the windows open the last few nights and absolutely love it. The forecast says next weekend will be 100*, extremely unusual for the area so we'll see if the windows stay open. 
What did we do this last week? A lot from what my daughters tell me, I of course don't think it was enough. Monday saw me saying good-bye to the traffic cone orange cast and hello to a removable boot. I am still not allowed to put weight on my foot, but I am allowed to take the boot off to sleep, shower and move my ankle gently. Now, my ankle is starting to look like itself again instead of a bruised, purple blob at the end of my leg. Tuesday saw us running errands and doing a massive grocery shopping trip. Amanda took over the living room on Wednesday with going through clothing and getting packed to head to Rochester. Her flight left Thursday morning, so we were up and out the door very early to get her to the airport in time. Friday and Saturday were fairly quiet. That is probably a good thing considering I didn't realize how full the early part of the week was!
Crafts saw lots of knitting. Project bags are easy to take up and down the stairs and work on in bed with a movie, not something I normally do. The March skein of Little Squirrel yarn has become a pair of mitts. My goal this week is to get photos taken and the pattern written to release soon. I think I have enough yarn leftover to make a pair of ankle-high socks.  Another skein of hexies was finished and I am on to another color. I saw a joining method on Insta that might work exactly how I want it to for the blanket. I'll have to try it out sometime. 
As for me, the week started strong and fell off the cliff at the end. Friday and Saturday were spent feeling horribly behind on everything. Career, business, healing, all of it. Looking now at the week we had I see why I was exhausted and went to bed so early last night. Everything is a process and while I can work on and improve some things it will also not happen overnight, especially when I still don't have my energy back. Having my mind and body fight with each other is not an easy thing. I know I have to take things one day at a time, the trick is understanding that even a wee little bit each day, is progress.
Next week! A big one for Amanda as grad school begins tomorrow! Serra and I will have a quieter one with her getting me out and about for work, a lesson and class, along with finding time for her to hang with friends and continue the college packing prep. Breathe, relax, heal, rest, Love, go easy on yourself and I'll be back next week :)

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