Falling into place

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It is chilly in my little corner of the Fort this morning. Cold enough to pull the winter slippers out again. Glad of it though as I would prefer some gentle spring weather over jumping right into summer's high temps. I would love some rain but it seems we always need that this time of year.
What did we do this week? Serra had a quiet one and made it all five days. Currently she is enjoying new pieces of music in Jazz, getting ready for the State competition for Concert band and loving her Yoga class. Fridays are Yin Yoga or "Zen yoga" as she calls it because it is so relaxing. The class has done a world of good for her and she is talking of continuing the practice after the school year ends. She has been extremely excited about Morbius coming to theatres so we went to the movies yesterday and she loved it. 
Amanda not only survived exams in her two biomedical engineering classes back-to-back on the same day but also did extremely well on each of them. All of the items for the Fall semester are moving into place. RA position, class registration, and financial aid are all set. Now it is finalizing her summer plans and hopefully that will all take shape over the next couple of weeks. It's been a great semester for her, just a few more weeks to go.
Crafts this week saw a little bit of everything. Susan is dressed with some tea towels and Flynn is still wearing a dyed warp I created last summer. The skein of yarn that I had plied backwards is now repaired and off of Rumple. It is ready for a bath along with a bright yellow skein of sunshine I finished. I am working do a little on things every day as that is a principle that I learned from my own yoga studies and it helps me feel more balanced during the week with work. Hopping on the bike for some sweat every day helps as well. 
As for me it was a good week and sitting here typing I realized that it feels like pieces are falling into place. I used the analogy of the game Boggle with Amanda on the phone to describe a current situation I was told about. That one is in the shake phase where all of the letters are getting mixed up and it is waiting to set the box down to settle them into place. Maybe the last few years have been that shake phase here and now the box is finally on the table. It just needs a couple of gentle pokes to get those last letter cubes to find their spots. 
This week! The first full week of April, we just past a new moon and the equinox was the astrological new year. Sensing a theme? The world is new and it is a time of beginnings. Seeds that were planted are starting to sprout. Who is to say that you can't grow also? Breathe, get some sunlight, Grow, Love, be, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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