Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Moving a little slow so far today. I am guessing it is due to the cooler temperatures and fresh sheets on the bed. That combination is always more snuggly. I did watch the sky lighten into the morning's pastel hues. Even though we did not get additional snow this week, the fiery skies of autumn have given way to the gentler winter hues.
What did we do this week? It was back to campus and schoolwork for Amanda last Sunday. The quiet after the holiday was a welcome sound and she dove right back into her to-do list. The biggest item on it has been sent off and fingers crossed that it comes back with good news. Friday is the last official day of classes with finals beginning on the 14th. Thing is, I think she only has one final. The benefits of being a senior. 
Serra had a wild week with staying home for a couple of days. With all of the time there is during the day with only four block style classes, she had all the work done before she left on Friday. Saturday was spent out with friends who wanted to go ice skating! I'm guessing she will be sore today and might need some ice for some ugly bruises on her knee. 
Work was busy with getting the spring issue to the proofreader along with the usual weekly web items. Most times I am taking care of that around a photo shoot so it was much calmer this time. Charts for the summer project are off to the project editor for review. Lots of meetings next week and an original post to write for the new venture Farm and Fiber Knits
The week has been so random that I was having a hard time remembering what crafts I worked on! The new basic knit shawl spent a chunk of time in my hands. Rumple is ready to move on to the next batch of fiber I carded for my Spin Off post and a couple more hexies joined the pile. The kitchen spin was also plied and added to the growing skein stack.
Here's the next color.
I believe there is one or two more even lighter shades of yellow before it dives into different colors.
As for me, the week had a few bumps of turbulence that I have made it passed. The more authentic you become with yourself the harder it is to play the game. Which is something I've never been good at to begin with and is necessary right now. I'm not going to let one aspect spoil something I absolutely love. On that continuing search for authenticity I went different with my haircut this weekend. Another topic we touched on this week was fear. Overthinking and fear are best friends that love to feed each other. There is only so much that can be controlled, the rest has to be handed over to the Universe with trust and love that you will find your way. It's hard to let go of a system that has been there all of your life.  Once you get a taste of your authentic self and the calm you feel without the fear, you keep striving to get back to that feeling. 
Next week! Not sorry to say that it is a routine one. There is comfort in pattern and the familiar. I'm sure that means Indian food for Amanda on Friday night and I think Serra is going to experiment with a new pepper blend. For me? More learning and growing and deep breaths. Breathe, be, smile, believe, Love, let the troubles only skim the surface and I'll be back next week :)

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