Fighting the extra dark

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Been dealing with the time change this week. I don't mind the additional light shining through in the mornings but the dark at five pm is tough! The extra darkness makes me want to go to bed super early and that just wastes the day.
What trouble did we cause this week? Serra had a short week with having Monday off according to the schedule and staying home Wednesday with not feeling well. Thankfully she is a great student and has no problem keeping up in class. It is interesting how differently her teachers describe her based on the subject. I do have to say that in her first two years at Fossil she has had her best teachers ever for English. Getting a kid that is very good at and likes writing to enjoy English class is quite the feat. 
Amanda also had a light run of homework for the week but a big one in making connections. She had applied for a lab position when applications were due last year stating her interest for the spring semester. The professor got back to her this week and she has been accepted as a lab assistant for one of the Cell Biology classes. She is also considering another Calculus teaching position for the spring along with looking at a summer internship at Wake Forest. Lots of irons in the fire but all good things.
Crafts this week saw some time with Susan.
The Vormir colorway is almost finished! Knots are visible on the end so probably a couple more hours and it will be off the loom. That will make nine new items so far for the November show that is approaching fast!
I also finished some spinning. The Diamond colorway from Greenwood Fiberworks that I spun on my Spanish Peacock Russians has been plied and washed. The fiber blend on my braid is 50% Merino, 25% Bamboo, 25% Silk.
I plied the four ounces of fiber to Arabella's Web 120/2 silk from Treenway Silks. If my scale is accurate it took 30 grams which is approximately 1,980 yards! I have a couple of ideas bumping around in my head to test out for it before jumping into a design. I am extremely happy with the pastel rainbow effect. 
As for me this week started off a little rough around the edges but smoothed out by the time Friday showed up. Sometimes invasive thoughts of not being good enough poke in and it takes a bit to kick them out of my brain. Slowing down, looking at life and being grateful for where I am and all of the positive things that are happening rebalanced my thoughts. I am worthy and enough to walk this path. I just have to remind myself on occasion.
Next week! Lots of band practice as jazz starts and Fossil is playing at a festival on Friday. More writing and photo hunting for work as I have web content this week and bits for issues along with requesting books for reviews. Oh darn I get to ask publishers for beautiful craft books to look at. Can't forget weaving either with the build up for show. Breathe, believe, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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