Finding balance and a shop update!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet and cool here in my little corner of the Fort. We've actually been closing the windows at night with the fall temperatures. We're just past the Autumnal Equinox and a couple of mornings ago you could tell:
Sun to the East and Moon to the West Friday morning. Reminded me of the movie Ladyhawke that I haven't seen in ages and realized is 35 years old! :)
What have we been up to this last week? Just as the world is balanced right now between light and dark I think I'm finding a bit of my own balance with the work-craft-life thing. I do know that the slow cooker has come in handy and that I'm terrible at making smaller amounts of food. Amanda made it through her first round of tests in college and got to go exploring some yesterday. Serra is doing great work with her art class which thankfully helps keep her occupied during her other classes. They are supposed to return to in person learning in a couple of weeks so we will see how that goes. 
Craftwise the big news is the shop update! I finally made getting it done a priority. There are five new pocket squares, four new scarves, and a new category of cowls. I got the bug for doing overshot after I completed a commission piece and love the way the tencel and prism from Lambspun feel together.
I also finished up the sample socks for work and am about two-thirds finished with another knitting project that will become a pattern. Treated myself during a virtual fair last weekend at the Spanish Peacock:
A new cherry Russian spindle a tiger maple bowl shaped by one of the peachicks. It was very hard to not throw the cherry Victorian in as well! Always important to support small business and the next generation of handcrafters. I realized this weekend that I live simply but that I am craft extravagant!
As for me, I think I've come through the emotional storms of the previous couple of weeks. A control freak having to relinquish control and be patient is not an easy thing. There are things that want in my future and I haven't had much hope or faith in that regard lately. Mix that in with a new job, a still raging pandemic, a lack of patience and fear of not having any time now or in the future and you get quite a volatile combination! The Universe sent a few signs that helped and I'm trying to let the rest do what it will.
Next week!! Riding the waves should come off of Rapunzel. I need to do some warp measuring as I would like to get some time in with Max before the holidays brings Daddy back over. Susan has some waiting and Flynn has been very patient with his tiny silk. Take care and have a good week :)

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