Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is making an appearance in my little corner of the Fort today. We learned earlier this week that what we thought was fog one morning was actually haze and smoke traveling down from Canada's wildfires. The lawns have been loving the extra moisture and we hope it stays cool for a little bit longer.
This week has been one of finishes. With graduation ceremonies that Serra played at on Saturday, the Junior year for both of them has come to a close. Summer may be three months long however I have a feeling it is going to fly by. We have college visits planned, Amanda is going back out for part of the summer to teach, and Serra has a list of things to take care of. I am trying not to get too far ahead of myself by thinking about this time next year.
 I spent time at a photo shoot this week and taught myself how to warp a rigid heddle loom.
We shot it for the cover for an upcoming video release. I also wrote this web post for PieceWorkIt's funny thinking about the past ten years that I wrote about in the article. I could be upset at the lack of career progress over that time but I'm not. I've been exactly where the Universe has needed me to be and I'm learning that the more I trust in that, the easier the path is.
I think all of Serra's finishing inspired me this week. I finished a full skein of hexagons for the Starflower blanket and in so doing learned that I can get eleven motifs out of one color. This will let me plan a construction chart to decide where to place the colors. I finished knitting a pattern for the PieceWork website that will be available next Friday and here is a tatting piece that has been resting that I pulled out to work on again.
A Polish tatter that goes by Renulek writes fabulous patterns and releases a large dolly every spring. I have yet to complete one! This is the pattern from 2021 and is the closest being on round 18 of 20. 
As for me it's been a solid week. Time with the girls and crafting, celebrated a birthday, and got to play at the photo shoot which always creates amazing results. Life and how it is right now feels good which is something I never expected. Trick now is to keep that balance and not push or worry on the future. The next few years are going to be full of change which is good however it is also a process that can't be rushed. Rome wasn't built in a day and I'm learning that beautiful things come out of giving them time.
This week! I think there is going to be some extra sleep happening with it being the first week off. We are also thinking a movie and a beloved tradition returns. Breathe, feel, dream, balance, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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