Finishing up June

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am loving the cooler weather today. After last week's heat wave I was beginning to wonder if the entire summer was going to be that hot. While yesterday's rainstorms did cancel the races that we were planning to go to last night I did love the sounds and the scent it created.
Last week! What have we been up to? Serra has been busting out her summer school class. What would have taken ninety minutes five days a week over nine weeks during school and kept her out of a class she wants to take over the next three years has been reduced to four six hour days. Work is due tomorrow and she has one unit left. She wants to take the remainder of the summer off and with as early as classes are starting this fall I don't blame her.
Amanda has been reviewing Calculus as not only will she be a mentor in the fall she has also accepted a position with RPI to be a bridge scholar over the next two months. For some kids their acceptance is conditional and based on passing base courses before the fall semester begins. Amanda will be attending a concentrated version of Calculus and then holding office hours to answer questions and help students. 
As for crafts this week I have news. Dandelions and Rust have a new location in Old Town (119 W Oak St) and I have a rack of scarves and cowls available there.
Scarves and cowls available at Dandelions and Rust
The new shop looks great and hopefully the fountain renovations to Oak St Plaza will be finished soon so it will be easier to visit.
I finished the bookmarks.
They have been zig zagged, washed and ironed and I will have them with me at the Art in the Park event August 7-8. I love how they turned out and will have to do another run sometime.
Most of the week was spent with my spinning wheel.
I had eleven spindles full of fiber that needed to be plyed. The smaller skeins are from Greenwood Fiberworks. Four in yak/silk and two in camel/silk. The larger skein is the six ounce braid from The 100th Sheep. 
I love how the color gradient turned out. Once I figure out yardage a pattern will be in the works.
As for me it's been a busy week. Appointments, needing new glasses for both Serra and I, some time on the town with the girls however it felt good to get some things done and work on some projects for myself. This next week will kick in to high gear with lots of weaving to be ready for the August market. I am both nervous and excited for it so July will be rocking and rolling. I just have to remember to take time for me over that stretch as well. Breathe, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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