Floating on the river

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is bright and the sky is clear outside my window today as I watch a squirrel bounce from branch to branch in the tree across the parking lot. He shows no fear as the limbs sway when he hits it, riding the wave until it calms. I don't know what treats he's finding as he climbs higher in the bare branches, stretching to the very end of the limbs but he looks happy.
What did we do this past week? Holidays always throw things off a bit and Wednesday felt like Saturday. An unexpected visit from Daddy for a few days also made me lose track of time. Serra got her wish of sleeping and playing Animal Crossing for the week. I did have to laugh at her last night however as her forearms are sore from holding the Switch! Monday starts the mad three week dash to finish to the semester. What will she enjoy about the end of it? No more math class.
Amanda didn't luck out with having the entire week off as classes were still held on Monday and Tuesday. She has enjoyed getting extra rest the last few days and I believe is finally over the head cold that got her a couple of weeks ago. Only two more weeks of classes for her followed by a week of finals before heading back for the holiday break. 
Only three days of work this week with the holiday but the first issue of Spin Off that I got to work on is now available! 
Spin off winter 2022
Crafts got most of the attention this week as I was a part of the Holiday Artisan Market at the Fort Collins Senior Center.
Holiday Artisan Market
According to the organizer the event saw over 3000 people for the two days which is great. I had some sales, lots of "oohs", "aahs" and "wows" from my pieces and some "that's magic" and "you must have a lot of patience" from Flynn's fancy moves.
I spent the two days getting lots of attention by weaving at the event. Taking Flynn and showing what goes into making has been one of the best ways to draw interest and keep me busy. I wove six feet over the two days which will become a scarf. If you are local and would like to see Flynn in action I will be at Dandelions and Rust on Friday for the First Friday Art Walk from 6-9 pm.
As for me this week had its bumps but overall, it was good. I am not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving so it was good to have it pass uneventfully. As for the patience that many people expressed, I had during the show, I got quite the laugh saying I've been told I have none at all. It made me think of an article that I read a couple of years ago and have bookmarked on my phone. It states that patience isn't waiting, rather patience is being in tune with the timing of the Universe around you. It makes me think of floating down a river. When you are in touch with the currents you bob along gently with them. Impatience is when you pull out the paddle and push your raft along. You are out of sync with the flow and don't have a chance to see the rocks ahead. Recent days have seen more floating and less paddling. I don't know that I have or will ever have patience however like the squirrel from earlier, I am in the flow more now and I feel happy.
Next week! A car to clean out, work to write for, lessons and class to teach and First Friday to demo at. Breathe, find your flow, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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