Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The weather shifted from fall to winter abruptly this weekend. I broke out the fuzzy slippers and am wearing my pashmina afghan as shawl looking out on the snowy weather. No surprise to any of us that have lived here for years, as it is Halloween weekend. In Colorado, your winter coat is a part of your costume!
What did we do this week? To apply to the co-term program at RPI as a BME major, Amanda had to create a plan and gather documents for approval. She got the go ahead this week and will be officially applying. I hope that she has also gotten to her letters of rec requests out to professors and staff as they are needed to apply to Rochester's program. She is currently laughing at our snow in her shorts and 60* temperatures.
Serra's first week of a new quarter went well. Her new class is Humanities, and her collection of A's last quarter pushed the GPA up to 4.047. She wrote an amazing piece for English, and they get to read The Princess Bride soon. With the marching band championships complete, congrats Fossil for going back-to-back as 5A champs, the director's focus will now shift to jazz which makes Serra happy. We'll see which mornings become early ones!
Second week in a row for a photo shoot for work. We were very lucky to have some amazing sunlight to create some shots outside before the weather moved in. It is always interesting to shoot out of season. We created a summer issue last year during a snowstorm, and unless you know that was happening, you cannot tell in the photos. No shoot next week but I will be on site for a couple of days at our spinning retreat. 
Not much craft happened with such a busy work week. As expected, Trimble Court did not accept my work for the gallery. This time however I was able to wriggle out some feedback as to why, and I totally understand it. I did cause trouble a few weeks ago that finally arrived at my doorstep. Rani Smith Designs sheered some of her wonderful Merinos and listed it in her shop.
I splurged on some and it finally arrived from Australia. I have no idea what it will become and can't wait to process it.
I also got a little crazy and drove to Aurora to buy a spinning wheel!
Very hard to pass up a deal when I have been looking for a single treadle. It is a Modern Clemes and Clemes. Only the one bobbin with it so I'll have to see about ordering a couple at some point.
We got to play a bit yesterday. 
As for me, it was a full and rich week. There was fun at the shoot, good time out over a couple of evenings, and breathing space that overflowed the cup of my soul. I feel like my foundations are solidifying and I am extremely grateful and happy for that. Moments like this would be where past people in my life would be waiting for the other shoe to fall and have everything crashing down. No. I am not letting that mentality into my life. The foundation is set, I am grateful for where I am now, and life is only going to get better. 
Next week! Watching the snow melt as it will be gone by tomorrow afternoon, World Series action with two unexpected teams, SOAR event, and just being. Breathe, smile, glow, feel, Love, stay positive and I'll be back next week :)

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