Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Dare I say it might officially be spring here in Northern Colorado? It has been a glorious weather week with a bit of rain, sunshine, and cooler evening temperatures that are perfect for sleeping. The sun is also at the proper angle to interact with my prisms bathing the room in rainbows. I don't know why but I have always loved that. 
What did we do this week? Serra did some shopping in preparation for Prom activities as her group of friends have decided to attend. Thankfully she is practical, knowing that she will probably only wear said dress once, she spent only thirty dollars to create her look. Only four weeks of school remain. This one contains her AP Psychology test and a math test along with her usual band practices.
Amanda's hockey team crashed and burned on Friday night with the Islanders losing to the Canes. She is hoping for a team overhaul in the offseason. We are still following the other games as the Avs prepare for an unexpected game seven and she was thrilled at the Maple Leafs beating the Lightning to break their playoff drought.
A little bit of everything with work this week. Preparing for a photo shoot, working on files for the winter issue, and fall heading into design. This week I have a chunk of writing to do along with a brainstorming session for one of the issues. 
Craft time has been spent plying and knitting. The carrot orange from my set of rolags is finished.
On to the yellow-orange. It is a good kitchen spin as I work on it in the mornings while Serra gets ready for school.
For knitting, I am working on a sample for The Loopy Ewe. It is an advanced beginner pattern and a good introduction to lace. I got a bit distracted working on it and talking with the girls yesterday and had to perform surgery.
Thankfully only a few rows and taking out the full repeat helped line things up properly. I am into the stockinette portion now which makes it easy to work on with watching sports in the evenings.
What do I say about my week? I don't know how to describe it because there have been times this week where the word "happy" has been inadequate. There are things that have evoked that emotion. Seeing my daughter's growth over the past year, finding comradery with a coworker over coffee, creating things with my hands and more. All of these add to that sense of "happy" however this is more.
Perhaps it is a sense of peace that I am feeling in not fighting the path and being in one of the best spaces I've ever been. Perhaps it is in the independence of knowing this is my path to create and not one that I am following for someone else. Perhaps it is that letting go that I spoke of last week and trusting that everything will work out as it should. A favorite book quote, "My heart is too full for words", it is the best way I know to explain the week.
Next week! Rehearsals, tests, a concert, time in the office to create good things. Breathe, shine, believe, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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