Getting back to the ebb and flow

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It feels like the July weather has finally shown up at the end. We have been cheating a bit with running the AC for a few hours in the evening. It makes it cold enough that Amanda, the furnace, is comfortable and Serra and get to snuggle into our blankets. Surprisingly the forecast has things cooling off. I expected for August to be downright miserable. Guess we will have to wait and see.

What did we do this week? It was one of those rare, quiet weeks. Amanda came back from Bridge tutoring last Sunday. Thankfully it was a smooth day of travel. Serra had her Senior photos taken!

Each of them is entering their Senior years in High School and College respectively. They have each grown so much over the past four years and I'm proud of the women they are becoming.

I also had a quiet week with work which makes me anxious. I haven't gotten accustomed to the ebbs and flows of the schedule even after hitting the two-year mark last week. Amanda tries to remind me of them, yet I always feel that I'm not doing enough. I am filling the time with learning programs. So far, I am one third of the way through a basic Photoshop course. 

I have found when I get anxious that spinning is the best craft to calm myself with. The supported project, the breakfast spin and even little Lou got in on the action this week. More hexies joined the Starflower pile and yarn was prepped to start a new design. The latest needs written and photographed. I plan to spend time on it soon to have it ready for the release of Cassiel's Servant on Tuesday!

As for me, the week was calmer than some of the previous ones, even with the massive case of nerves. I have reminded myself each day to only think about today. I am trying. Time feels very big and slow moving at the moment and when it feels that way I wonder if I am doing enough. Trouble is, I'm the one that sets the benchmark, and because of my nature I am always harsher on myself than anyone else would be with me. Need to get back to the ebb and flow, understanding that life moves at its own pace.

This week! The calendar turns to August. Serra will get her class listing on Wednesday and Amanda is making a shopping list of things needed to head back out to NY. A one-day shoot and knitting lesson are part of my plans. Peaches are in season and a trip to the racetrack for cars and onion rings are on the agenda to celebrate summer. Breathe, find the calm, believe, grow, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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