Getting itchy

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I'm a little slow this morning as sleep as taken over a great deal lately. Eight hours of sleep a night is crazy and what I have been averaging. Don't quite know how to feel about it. I keep getting told to rest so maybe it's a good thing.
What did we do this week? I had my post-op appointment on Monday where the stitches got taken out and a new hard cast was placed on my leg. Traffic cone orange is fitting. The surgeon says everything looks great and I go back in another week to check it again. We have occasionally gone out and about on various errands for work and play. One of our trips was Amanda's requested Panhandler's Pizza before she goes back to the land of thin slice. Another wonderful day was spent hanging out and playing games.
Work is in one of the slower spaces where lots of little bits get taken care of. I did some writing for Spin Off and have an article to finishing knitting samples for Farm & Fiber Knits. I am grateful to be able to work from home with my ankle recovery and include it in an article! 
As for me, it was a good week. I can handle being upright and not having my foot elevated for a good stretch of time each day and even went out driving a couple of times. In some ways I am getting itchy because there are things I want to go through and clean up around here and can't. I have to take it slow and do this right to get back to where I want to be.
Next week! It's time to start doing some things. Amanda has a list to complete for Rochester and Serra has a few things to do for Cedar Crest. There's also a phone to replace, glasses to order, and items to double check on the college list. Game 7 of a great Stanley Cup to watch and Inside Out 2 to catch. Breathe, rest, heal, Love, be grateful for all that is here, and I'll be back next week :) 

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