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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is shining and the sky is blue and maybe the snow has decided to move on...we'll call this Possibly Spring. Why only possibly? Because I know we still have the possibility of another bit of snow especially with the chilly wind yesterday. Not quite shorts weather but we're getting there.
What did we do this last week? I think Serra's desire to be finished with the year is beginning to poke through at school. Nothing quite like getting called out by the teacher for not paying attention but considering she had already finished the activity that he was in the process of explaining he couldn't really respond. Not the teacher's fault for the fact that she has studied genetics for two years already with her Science Olympiad studies. She is going to take a couple of summer classes and both of us hope next year is more engaging.
Amanda tells me this is the last chill weekend before the end of her semester as classes end May 3rd. Two of her classes have final projects and three have finals of which two are optional depending on your current grade so lots of study to happen this week. Good thing Falcon and Winter Soldier finished last week.
As for me I worked on an experiment with Rapunzel and I'm happy to say that it was a success. Can't quite share yet what it is as I would like to have several items finished to release all at once. Probably August or September to get people excited for holiday shopping. I was part of an outdoor market yesterday with Dandelions and Rust. They are back at it today from 11-5 if you are interested. 
Set up
I think I'm getting better at the whole display thing and Flynn is always a conversation piece. I heard one person yesterday say "Look! She's making one right there!!" Have to say that was pretty cool. Speaking of which here is what Flynn has going on.
purple warpFlynn
This is three different shades of purple 20/2 silk from Redfish Dyeworks on the warp board and then dressed on Flynn. Every time I do something I learn a little bit more about how to do it and make it better for the next time. With this project I have learned that it's easier to do my warp painting method at the warp board rather than the loom. This will hopefully make future projects using this technique easier because I will not tangle the threads like a cat as much. 
As for me this week it was a bit of the ups and downs but truly what in life isn't? Life is learning how to navigate those twists and turns without getting beat up by the rocks in the rapids. Might have scraped some of those this week but hoping they bring about some healing too. What does the last week of April hold? Brainstorming, project planning and possibly a bit more experimentation. Breathe, find beauty in both the sunshine and the rain, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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