Good to be out and about

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I would add Happy Spring to that as the buds are beginning to sprout on my tree out front but I know better. Speaking from experience there's bound to be at least one to two more bits of snow to come our way.
What did we do this past week? Serra is ready to be done but actually excited about a debate for English class. When she believes in a particular side she gets passionate about it and then wonders why teachers want her to do AP English courses and speech and debate. Amanda has a couple of tests this week and hopes that they don't end up back in quarantine before finals.
As for crafts this week I spent the time getting ready for the Spring Artisan Market that was at the Fort Collins Senior Center yesterday. Max turned out three silk cowls and Flynn got dressed to go.
My new banner courtesy of Business Card Factory of Colorado where I get all of my printing done.
A new rack for my scarves. 
Serra did an awesome job arranging things and helping out.
While the market itself was unproductive it was good to be out and about again. I received many compliments on my pieces and gave out impromptu weaving lessons as Flynn was the star of the show. The city is hosting the holiday market later on this year so I might try again as people will be looking for gifts rather than just being glad to be able to go to a function again. Some of my pieces will be headed to the Fort Collins Museum of Modern Art tomorrow as I have been accepted into the gift shop there. 
As for me it was a good week. I think I had a good life/work balance going on and still felt like I was accomplishing tasks. This week will see more of that with taking items to the museum, writing an article, finishing up Knitcrate and dressing the looms again. Need to figure out how to break through but I'm positive that it's going to happen. Breathe, take care of you and I'll have another treat for you next week ;)

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