Goodbye 2023

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The last one of the year, and the last day of the year. Outside the skies are clear with a soft pastel sunrise. No white Christmas here as the temperatures have been too warm. It makes me wonder what Spring Break is going to look like!
What did we do for limbo week? We made some of our traditional food favorites for Eve and watched my two Christmas movies, Gremlins and Die Hard. Day was quiet with sharing gifts and munching on leftovers. Amanda got a much-desired haircut, and we had a dinner out for the holiday with friends. We did some shopping and ice skating on Friday. Serra's knee looks terrible from falling on it. Thankfully it is only bruised, and it gave me an idea for her birthday next month. Mostly the break has been quiet, which is good as each of us is dealing with various stages of the same head cold. Serra didn't think it would get me as she says I have 'Mommunity'. Last night said otherwise. 
As for crafts, I have done a little bit of lots of different things. Knitting on my half star shawl.
A bit of spinning with Roy, some band weaving,
and practicing my bobbin lace. 
We have a couple more days of rest and play before life kicks in again with work starting up and Amanda flying back for the semester.
As for 2023, it's been a year of building foundations. I am told that Rome wasn't built in a day and that I need to learn patience. Still think I am working on that. I have gained a higher understanding of parts of my life, and things that I thought had to be a particular way, don't have to. I feel calmer, less reactive, and steadier than I have before. It feels good. 2024 is a transition year, and the steadier I can steer the boat, the better it will be.
Next week! 2024 is here. We'll watch the Rose Bowl parade, possibly a few games and order our traditional Chinese food feast to start the New Year. Breathe, be, relax, Love, find peace, and I'll see you next year :)

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