Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun was very bright through my window this morning shown by the multiple rainbows bouncing on my walls from the prisms in the window. It would be nice to have a gentle, peaceful rainstorm today. Especially after the booming anniversary storm last Thursday morning. It reminded me of the storm that swept through Spring Creek and the university; wild to think the CSU flood was 25 years ago.
What did we do this week? Serra got to join the ranks of those free of their wisdom teeth. Her lower two were impacted and growing sideways instead of up. Everything went well and I had the hardest time ever trying not to laugh at her under the influence of anesthesia. Today is day 5 and considering she had pasta and mashed chili yesterday I think she's doing great. I did disappoint her however when I mentioned that she has only two weeks of summer remaining.
 Amanda's summer semester is cruising by. She aced and exam that she was worried about this week and hopes that the portion of a paper she wrote is what the professor is looking for as they were given little direction. She received her RA assignment for the fall and is thrilled to be on Freshman hill in the middle of campus. I think the kid is a bit homesick. We have been looking at flights to visit over a weekend in September and she has already found a flight home in December. It's good to see a non-stop getting added back to the schedules.
Physical week for work as I spent part of it shipping back items to contributors and organizing products from past issues. I love what I am doing and appreciate the flexibility as I was able to work while Serra slept. Working on a project for the Spring issue this week along with keeping up on the web and always learning more. Crafts were slow as I did not get much of my own things worked on. I am still hoping to have some new items for the Art in the Park show in only two weeks! 
As for me this week it was a bit all over the place. Serra's teeth, helping Amanda with her paper, a couple of weird dreams, taking care of responsibilities at work, daydreaming yet through all of that constant thread of gratitude. We joke here about stages of development. According to society once you turn 18 you are an adult. Well as Amanda has learned the last couple of years just because that is how you are looked at it doesn't mean that you know everything; you're still learning. Well just as she is a baby adult in many ways, I am a toddler adult. There is still so much more to learn about navigating life. What I am though is grateful. That I can take care of the things I need to without as much worry as before. It gives me a great deal of hope for the future.
This week! Crochet, Serra's final week of sleeping in, two knitting lessons to teach, some healthcare to attend to and all of the other bits in between. Breathe, be, dream, hope, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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