Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's quiet and sunny so far in my little corner of the Fort today. Mother Nature still doesn't realize that it is November which tells me March is going to be extra snowbound come spring. 
What did we do this past week? Serra had a busy one. Jazz band has started rehearsals twice a week and she had a session of extra practice to prepare to play at the Rocky Mountain Music Festival. Both of Fossil's bands along with several others played concert pieces on Friday and got critiqued by a guest instructor. Her bonus for the day from it? Not having to go to math class. The district called off school for the whole week of Thanksgiving instead of having kids go Monday and Tuesday as scheduled. Personally it is a change that needs to stay that way on the school calendar. Serra plans to sleep and play Animal Crossing so it will be time well spent.
Amanda did not get so lucky with having the entire week off as she still has classes Monday and Tuesday. This past week she has dealt with being sick which is never fun. Don't worry not the big bug as she gets tested every week for that rather a head cold that turned her into a snot factory. She's looking forward to sleeping during her short break. After Thanksgiving it's go time to finish the semester along with interviews and applications for next spring.
As for crafts this week Susan and I got the Vormir colorway off the loom which makes three runs to finish up for the November show. I spent some time spinning and treated myself to new John Galen spindles for my birthday. Time with work is going great as my birthday present from them was a day off and a raise. I absolute love what I am doing and the group of people I am working with.
As for me the week was wonderful. I took time to watch a beautiful movie and celebrate my birthday. All week long I had considered writing about the three stages of widowhood that I found online but found as the week progressed I realized I didn't want to talk about the past. Partially because the ones that need to read it and learn from what I would say wouldn't see it, mostly because I didn't need to go there. The past is where it belongs. Life continues and I have grown over the last five years. Thank you to those that have continued on this path with me. For understanding that life changes and for holding my hand as I grew beyond my fears. 
Next week! Finishing up items for the November show and a little more of everything else. Breathe, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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