Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Bit of a different view out the window today with the taste of winter that came through yesterday. A good amount of rain that teased at being snow graced the Fort. The groundhog says that spring is coming early this year. I would appreciate it being a wet and rainy one as we could do with some moisture.
What did we do this week? For Amanda, the week felt like an eternity especially with a group presentation in her capstone class. Group things are difficult enough and then when a member does not step up to do his part, it can be even worse. Thankfully the professors see the situation considering they have several more presentations to complete on this project over the semester. 
Serra had a fairly calm week even with turning eighteen. She had a very yellow birthday with new shoes to replace the ones she won't let me throw away, new boxing wraps, a favorite movie and a slick new knife from Amanda. When we ordered some of her college gear, I slipped a yellow blanket into the cart. It was supposed was supposed to join the pile of items to prepare for August. Instead, it got snagged up immediately and hasn't left her side. More of the same for jazz and tutoring this week along with a basketball pep game.
Lots of randomness for work this week with catching up from the photo shoot. Images to upload, packages to pick up and photograph, fall files to prepare and articles to write. There's one this week for Farm and Fiber Knits and one for Spin Off that I am especially happy with. I also taught class at The Loopy Ewe Saturday. Five new knitters are working away on their scarves. There is another Learn to Knit class that is full this month, and a one-shot intro to cables coming up. I am so glad classes are taking off and hope they continue to grow.
Crafts this week saw all of the usual suspects, spinning, weaving, and knitting. Rapunzel is making progress with a random silk scarf.
Roy finished up a random braid that is now getting chain plied.
And I finished some sample mittens for a new class this summer and a couple more hexies joined the pile. I should probably take a moment and count to see where I am at with that. It is going to be a huge blanket someday, which is exactly what I want.
As for me, it was a solid week. I probably could have been more productive, but I always think that. It has been good to find time for things I haven't be able to do recently like getting back to the studio and hanging out with new, unexpected friends. Life is created by your habits, the little things you do every day, and I am trying to build some good ones along with bringing back some old friends. I have also realized that just because you know how to do something, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should or have the time to. What does this mean? I am thinking about what I am doing here and some changes that I am going to make. Deep down, things feel good and that is how it should be.
Next week! It might be boring to say more of the same yet there is always something new to learn or experience. The routine is the habits that make for a strong foundation. Breathe, feel, create, dream, be, Love, ride the waves and I'll be back next week.

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