Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018!! :)  Wait? ummm....you're telling me that was last week?  Already a week down in January!  Guess I need to get moving!

I love the holidays but man can they make time fly by in an instant.  We hosted Eve, had a quiet Day that included a Steelers win and saw the new Star Wars film that week.  New Year's Eve was quiet and New Year's Day full of tradition with the Rose Parade, ordering Chinese and lots of football.

Now on to business things!  Last week the latest issue of PieceWork hit the newsstands and I have a pair of socks in it.  As for projects I'm working on I finished up a gift that I'll share more about later and have two patterns that are knitted but need writing for Yarn Crush's February box!

Shhhh!!  A swatching sneak peek on one of my Christmas presents :)  If you've ever been curious about yarn subscription boxes I highly recommend their product.  They offer both a yarn box and a sock box.  A change this year is that the yarn boxes are getting more patterns!  They are now including 2 crochet and 2 knitting patterns in each box so that you have more options for the skein that arrives.  There's still time to sign up for January.  Once I have those patterns written it will be on to another item for PieceWork, this one is for the Sept/Oct issue and yes again it uses small needles!

Treenway Silks has again provided the yarn for this project and she carries amazing products.

As for other projects....with this new year I decided that I wanted a more dedicated space for craft.  That, along with the generous gift of two more looms I have decided to morph our extra room into a weaving studio.  This little room really hasn't had a true purpose since the girls outgrew a need for a playroom.  It's been many things over the last few years but never had a good feel to it.  It will still be an occasional guest room when Papa visits but has started it's transformation.

I'm already amazed at what a simple coat of paint has done to the feel of this room!  Just walking by it now makes me clap my hands like a little kid and feel happy.  Hopefully in the next two weeks I can get the remaining items out and the looms moved in.

2018.....my challenge for you this year?  Follow your gut to find what makes you happy and do it. :)


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