Happy Spring!!

Good Morning! Happy Easter, Ostara, Spring, Libra Full Moon or what ever else you might be calling this holiday of renewal and rebirth you might be celebrating today. As for me I simply didn't want to get out of bed as clean sheets, a gentle breeze and the green buds on the tree outside my window made for a cozy morning.
What did I do this week? Let's see....
I finished weaving the purple tangle you saw last week. It is currently in the finishing/blocking pile along with a Monet piece, sample hat and silk shawl.
Got started on something that I hope will work and become a unique part of my offerings. Susan and I are finally getting along now to get this moving. Flat steel heddles instead of inserted eye style make a world of difference when you have the loom set up at 60 threads per inch!
And I started my first woven commissioned piece. This is the cover of the current Handwoven issue. A woman that doesn't weave contacted the editor about finding someone to make it for her and connected us. Christina created an amazing overshot pattern on only 4 harnesses.
As for how I'm celebrating Spring and this time of rebirth over the next two months. Physically I'm working on finishing projects, clearing out and cleaning up around me. Old clothes that don't fit along with items from past lifetimes that don't fit in this one anymore. Mentally I'm trying to construct a plan for myself and the business for the next five years. How do I make this all work to get where I want to be? I need to create some sign posts to keep me on track. Emotionally I'm letting a lot of negativity go. While I know that I need to create a plan and a way to get there I also can't worry every day about how I'm going to get there. Feelings just have to flow and I have to believe in myself and how I feel to get there. I just finished rereading (yes I know, I need some new books while I wait for Brent Weeks Lightbringer conclusion) Anne Bishop's Ephemera series where the world is constantly changing and made up of "Opportunities and Choices". You can only be in and or find a place that your heart resonates with. So even though my mind knows where I want to be over time I have to trust my heart and have faith that it will guide me there.
Lots to finish this week along with writing down all the new ideas that keep coming in. Have a creative week and keep your Avengers spoilers to yourself ;) 

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