Has it really only been a week?

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The blue skies are out on display today even with it being a little chilly. That is Colorado for you, especially after our round of snow last week. I wonder if small 4–6-inch storms with clear skies in between are going to be the norm us this winter. That might be little easier to manage than two feet over spring break in March!
What did we do this week? I know that Monday was only seven days ago however it feels like last Monday was a month ago. Routine returned with Serra heading back to school and company making it home after the storm. The first thing Serra and I did was to catch up on sleep! We had a couple of nights this past week where we were curled up in bed by 630 and asleep by 8! You don't realize how much not getting good rest affects you day to day until it happens. 
Amanda has sequestered herself again for studying purposes this weekend. Next week has three exams and a paper due. I guess that is the price you pay for only having one final or the professors simply want to be done early! Thankfully she managed her time well and the paper was finished last week. Serra is impatiently counting down the days until she comes back. 
Work was busier than usual this week with a two-day photo shoot. Always fun to snap photos for a summer issue with 4 inches of snow on the ground! We had a couple of bumps with school calling a two-hour delayed start and driving in the snow, but once we got started, we found our groove. The next couple of weeks have another shoot, a magazine release, shipping to manage, some training for new responsibilities, and preparations for limbo week.
More knitting on Serra's Christmas and some combing were how I spent time crafting this week. I am so close to being through my 400 grams of Merino! Once I am finished, I am going to weight all of it. I'm curious as to how much of the initial weight was lanolin and to see how much is considered waste from combing. It's not really waste as it can still be spun and used, it's simply not the prime fiber. So far it is a small amount comparatively. Before I always thought that 50% of the starting weight was lost and it made me hesitant to learn this skill, especially considering my other raw fiber is paco-vicuna! 
As for me, it has been a good week full of reflection and emotion. My well is overflowing, and I have had random tears of joy. Ten years ago, I didn't see this path, but knew I wanted it. Six years ago, I was abruptly put on it, and was terrified because I didn't know where to start. Today, I am, and it feels amazing. I'm not done, I'm still learning and want more, and I am moving farther along the path every day and I am grateful for every moment.
Next week! A French movie, tutoring hours and a field trip for Serra. Three exams and wrapping the semester for Amanda. For me? More of everything. Breathe, feel, work on those dreams, hope, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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