Heart and Soul

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! So far the morning has been cool but it's going to get hot all together to soon today for my taste. Looks like even higher temperatures this coming week so it might be time to break down and turn the air on.
This past week! I still working on the run of bookmarks with Flynn.
I figure that I will have 15 available at the Art in the Park event in August. These are fairly easy to work on while watching our new addiction, The Great Pottery Throwdown. I love getting to see artists work and create and Keith who is one of the judges is just adorable. We are into the semi-finals for season three and are having a great time with it. 
I'm also measuring warps. My order of tencel arrived and I am doing a lot of prep work. Normally I don't measure warps in advance because I like to stick with the inspiration at the time but these are getting some extra attention. I'm finding that intent and purpose in creativity gives projects just that extra bit more. 
This coming week is the last one to visit and bid on the Masks at the Fort Collins Museum of Art.
As for me this week had a couple of bumps but in all has been good. Daddy is here from over the hill and I imagine the next couple of weeks will be lots of movies and a couple of trips to the races along with getting those warps I mentioned started. One of the best things about the pottery show we are watching is how moved Keith gets by the art. We giggle and tease about who is going to make him cry in each episode but I love how much he loves the art. One of the best things he said to one of the potters was to never be embarrassed by their efforts. As an artist you put a part of yourself out there with every piece. It's not just the physical act of making it but your heart and soul as well. To have that part of the process recognized and understood is a beautiful thing.
This week! More of the same but there's also a couple of birthdays to celebrate as well. Breathe, create, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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