Hello 2022!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Winter decided to arrive all at once in my little corner of the Fort just before the end of the old year. We have been graced with six inches of snow and below zero temperatures. The cold made it very hard to get out of a cozy bed today!
What have we been up to during Limbo week? The time between Christmas and New Year's is always an odd one. You're done with the buildup to the holidays but there's not really anything that can be done until the beginning of January. I totally understand why people take it completely off and why some companies simply close up for the week. My problem is that I have a hard time relaxing and not being busy. Obviously something I need to work on.
So, what did we do? We went to the movies and saw Spider-man: No Way Home which was amazing! Yes, I admit we are Marvel junkies. It was a lot of fun and extremely well done. Amanda wants to see it again before heading back to campus. 
An important thing we did this week was get our booster shots. Serra is not eligible yet, but Amanda and I took care of ours. I guess that's one way to make yourself rest during Limbo week! The dose hit me good and I was wiped out for 36 hours.
Daddy and the girls didn't quite make it to midnight for the New Year but we did watch the parade, the new episode of Doctor Who and have our yearly Chinese food with fortune cookies to start 2022 out right.
As for me, instead of looking at just the one year that has passed I have been feeling the past five years. Life closed the door on 2016 in an extreme fashion and 2017 was the start of a new chapter that I had no footing in. In many ways I was scared and didn't know how to exist. Unknowingly the last five years have been spent breaking a protective shell, both an inside layer to find myself along with an outer layer to find a new place in the world. Maybe a seed pod is a better representation as a seed must split open to grow. The path inside has found confidence, faith and authenticity. These aspects are helping me build the path out in the world, that I am of value beyond roles that I don't want to take on again. The last six months I've felt that seed pod fall away. I may only be a small sprout, but I feel the sun on my face and know I will grow. 
2022, time is a social construct but turning the page to a new year always feels like a clean start. May this year be the one you start to work on the life you want. Breathe, love, grow, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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