Hello 2023!

Good Morning, Happy Sunday, and Hello 2023! The sun is trying to peek through the clouds in my little corner of the Fort today. The temperature is warm enough that I shut the heat off, or I am a touch feverish from getting my fourth vaccine shot yesterday morning. I was expecting the side effects yesterday, but they waited until four this morning to show up. Made for a rough night of sleep however I was able to finish a cake yesterday without them so that is good.
I had every intention of writing last week, even with it being Christmas morning. The last eleven days of 2022 were a doozy! It all started with Amanda getting the approval to leave a day earlier than we had originally planned. She changed her ticket from Thursday to Wednesday, packed her bags and got on the way. That was also the night of our wonderful snowstorm with whiteout conditions on the highway. Serra and I gingerly drove to the airport. What is normally a four-hour round-trip process between driving both directions and waiting on bags turned into a long eight hours. Amanda was on the front edge of the Southwest operations falling apart and I don't want to imagine how things would have gone if she had stayed till Thursday. 
Thursday and Friday were taken up with work and Christmas errands. The first ever Eve out for dinner was a wonderful success that I have every intention of repeating in the future. After that is where things went sideways. Later that evening and Day were rough with a health scare and massive emotions. Anger, worry, fear, frustration all took over. I am purposely leaving some of them in 2022, as I am not going to allow that power over me. Limbo week was spent at Daddy's which is relaxing as we just hang out and frustrating as that is all we do. Thankfully both drives were clear. Seeing the clear stretch of I-25 Friday afternoon made me marvel at how I drove it blind the previous Wednesday. New Year's Eve calmed down after some errands, our shots, and making a cake for pickup today. 
So here we are! The first day of the new year. I don't create resolutions; I work to be better every year. I also don't normally give a year a purpose however over the last two months any thoughts of 2023 have rung with the word Stability. I am looking for the year to have subtle changes that gradually improve my state of being. Little shifts that get me closer to the world I want to occupy. The closer you get, the harder they are to make so they have to be adjusted mindfully.
This week! School starts up again for Serra, keeping Amanda busy with her list of things to get ready for August along with finding an internship. Me? Drinking more water, gently getting back into an exercise groove, learning more for work and finding time to create. Breathe, hope, dream, shift, Love, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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