Hello July!!

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It is just plain hot already today. Here's hoping a pile of wet hair on my head will help keep me cool.
July showed up all of sudden, didn't it? What have we been up to the past couple of weeks? The last week of June was quiet and spent preparing for a trip! Every year when the major league baseball schedule gets released, we review it. When will the Mets and Cubs each come to town to play the Rockies? Are there any other teams we want to see? Are there any interesting matchups? This season's treat was the Red Sox traveling to Wrigley Field to play the Cubs. From two different cities, off to Chicago we went!
Driving in Chicago is crazy, and I don't even want to look at parking prices, so we ride the L everywhere.
Saturday was spent at Navy Pier and Water Tower Place where we found the Lego store and this familiar beauty.
Sunday was the game! We were even treated to more baseball as the game went to extras. I'm happy to say my Sox won the game but Amanda's Cubs took the series.
When I booked our hotel, I had no idea that we were just a few blocks from Lake Michigan. Monday was a quiet day spent at the lake, doing a bit of wandering and simply spending time together. Tuesday we each traveled back. Only bump was Amanda's flight being delayed yet somehow, we each got to our front doors at the same time. It felt good to be out and about, to see Amanda and to enjoy things without worry. I was asked at one of the shops we popped into around Wrigley if I wanted my receipt. I said that I didn't need the ghosts of money spent, just the joy of memories made. 
Of course, a holiday week and taking an extra day make for a very short and loaded week when you jump back into work. Totally worth it when one of your tasks is to send out the thank you letter on the latest issue of PieceWork. Extra special as it is my handiwork on the cover. Only a few weeks and it will be a year with Long Thread. It feels so good.
As for me the past couple of weeks have been solid. It was good to see Amanda, it's good to see Serra taking some new steps with learning to drive, and I feel good about standing on my own two feet, something that I have not done for a while. Yesterday saw a massive streak of temper that was hard to deal with. Negative emotions are exhausting but they are very good for cleaning and getting rid of things so one corner that was driving me nuts is better. This morning I've realized that I was wanting too much, and I'm resigned to it. 
This week! Staying cool, more driving lessons, catching up and learning more at work, and creating, always creating. Breathe, let go, hope, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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