Hello September

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The pages of the calendar have turned once again, and September is here. So far it has brought cooler nights that help with sleep, Happy Hobonichi day, and routine. While I love the lilacs of spring most of my life has followed the rhythms of the school year with September being the time of renewal.
What did we do this week? Same song, second verse to some degree as it was very similar to the week before. Classes for Serra and another Thursday night football game. Not quite the score the Sabercats were hoping for, but she again had fun, is making some new friends and reconnecting with a previous one. We have been doing more driving practice and she was able to avoid her first accident admirably. Her instincts are spot on and now the biggest thing to get accustomed to is other people on the road.
Amanda is settling with her first week of classes and her RA responsibilities. She has been on duty this weekend and other than a mom calling her at 1 am to go check on her daughter, it has been quiet. I hope the kid tells her mom that is not how the duty phone works! Amanda sent out a chunk of applications for internships and co-ops for the spring semester, even getting a reply back on one already! I hope that she is able to find a good position to get some experience during her semester away. 
Work for me has been steady with staying on top of web posts, hunting down photos and products and doing a bit of writing. The next couple of weeks are busy with two photo shoots and meeting a new editor. Craft time has been spent spinning and doing a bit of knitting. We are trying out a knit help session at The Loopy Ewe. Our next one is scheduled for Thursday September 29 from 3-5 pm. If you have a question on your knitting or a pattern, stop in and I will help you out.
As for me the beginning of September has been a month of R's in its short existence so far; Routine, Rest, and Renewal. Thankfully last month's R, Restlessness has run its course. As fun as it is to be wild and crazy and do whatever you want some days, there is a particular comfort in routine. Waking at the same time every day, having an order and sequence creates stability. Rest is an idea that I rarely engage in even though I am often told to. I am not very good at slowing down. I think also it is a matter of finding what is rest for me vs what is rest for everyone else. For renewal, I had some time to go within and reconnect with some sacred spaces. To feel and be completely within the moment. Those moments remind me that I can do this.
Next week! A holiday tomorrow, class and a football game for Serra. One more duty night on Monday for Amanda along with her classes and mentoring. Photo shoots for work, creating and slowing down to keep this energy; to be right here. Breathe, feel, smile, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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