Here we go again

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The cooler temperatures had me staying snuggled in bed longer than I planned. Why do I still get up a little early on the weekends? I love to watch the colors of the sky during a sunrise and enjoy the quiet of the world before everyone wakes up and gets moving. It helps slow me down before life speeds up.
What did we do this first week of 2023? The girls finally had a chance to enjoy some sister time by going out together on Tuesday. The candy shop and lunch were a good way for the two of them to reconnect. We also caught Black Panther: Wakanda Forever that evening before it left the theatres. Some parts were a little long and I felt other areas some have been given more time. As a whole movie I enjoy it and the touching tributes to Chadwick Boseman that it contained. I also have a project that I want to re-create from it that was gorgeous but I'm not saying who wore it! Spoilers!
Serra started back to school this week and feels good about her classes. Registration for her senior year happens in a couple of weeks and we have it all planned out. One of the universities she is interested in suggested more AP courses on her record so that has been given high priority. Pep band, jazz band, more driving and time with friends since they don't have classes together will fill up her time quick.
Amanda is also figuring out what she needs to complete her senior year. She has six classes remaining that are required to fulfill her bachelor's degree. Registration isn't until March however she needs to meet with her advisor and find out some other information for a possible master's year either at RPI or Rochester. Contacting professors for letters of recommendation, and teaching and resident assistant positions are also on her list.
It was a short but productive week at work. Lots to do after getting back from the holiday week. First time ever having a big girl job where limbo week is given. There are more things to learn and some duties to let go of as I continue to move into a new position. Crafts have been a little all over the place as I have spun, woven on the little heddle loom and continued to knit on Serra's giant yellow Sith Lord robe. 2300 yards and counting!
As for me the week felt incredibly long. With it also being the beginning of the year, I already feel behind, and have been pushing. So much for my idea of slow and steady progress last week, right? I need to slow down, be in the moment and know that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing, right here right now. There's no reason to beat myself up in the evening for not doing more. The next 21 months are going to go fast enough as it is, I don't need to help it along. 
Next week! I couple of appointments, pep band basketball, a new issue release and more craft. Maybe this time I will remember to take some pictures of things I am working on! Breathe, relax, calm, just be, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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