Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am looking out my window at sunny skies. The two storm bomb that was supposed to collide over Colorado didn't happen just as Daddy and I knew it wouldn't. I don't think it's going to be a white Christmas this year, which is good because last year's was plenty!
I'm going to keep it short and sweet today especially considering I'm late posting as is! That's what happens when we were at the airport at eleven pm to pick up Amanda. After a calmer drive back than last year and a stop for a snack, we finally tucked in at one this morning. Serra has been almost glued to her in the few hours they have been back together. Hopefully it won't drive Amanda bonkers. 
With the holiday itself I would say we are keeping it simple yet those that know me know better. Even with just the three of us I am still doing a ton of cooking today as I got requests for several of the favorites. Good thing is, if I cook a bunch today, I won't have to cook that much if at all over the next few. 
As for me, it doesn't quite feel like the holidays, and I don't quite know why. Best I've done is get the presents wrapped and not much else. Just how it is I suppose. 
Today will be full of football, cooking and craft. Tomorrow will be presents, more eating and Doctor Who. May you and yours enjoy whatever you like to call this time of year! 

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