I'm back!

Here's my second attempt at entering the internet again and talking about all things creative.  To jump back in I want to tell you about a company called Yarn Crush.  I was looking around online for more ways to get my designs out to the public and found them.  They have a subscription package that you sign up for and get yarn and patterns shipped to you every month.  Think wine club but this is even better because it is yarn!  I contacted them as a designer and was lucky enough to create the knit pattern for their July 2016 box, the Heartfire Shawl.  As I've never been involved in a yarn subscription before they sent me one of their previous months to take a look at.



So much goodness inside!  There's both a crochet and a knit pattern so there no reason to limit yourself there and if you are bistitchual as I am you get to choose.  Some cute crafting buttons and a super notebook.  I don't know about anyone else but I love notebooks and always have several on hand at any given time.  Along with the skein of yarn you receive any of the notions needed to complete the project.  For June 2016 the project is a market bag in  crochet written by Julie-Sarah Desjardins of accrochet.com or the knit pattern is by Gabrielle Vezina.  The yarn is a 60% alpaca, 40% cotton blend from Americo original.  There's 153 yards in the 100 gram skein.  Now my fellow local crafters will tell you that this size yarn freaks me out.  They call the yarn I work with "thread" and I they love the fact that I don't own knitting needles above a size 6!  That being said it is wonderfully soft and I love the golden color.  I can see myself tackling the crochet pattern from this set. Yarn Crush puts out a great product with lots of fun goodies included and wonderful yarn.  Getting a mystery package in the mail every month can be fun!  It's also a great format for pushing you outside of your comfort zone as a crafter.  It could be to tackle crochet or knitting if you are monogamous to one or the other, a great way to try different yarns and even a way to come up with unique Christmas ideas.  Also this summer they started a sock club box for more options to check out. Happy Creating! Katrina

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