In between two breaks

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet and cool here in my little corner of the Fort. While I appreciate the moisture from the snowstorm this week it would be great if Mother Nature could switch it up to rain for the remainder of Spring. As for the quiet I imagine everyone is still sleeping off the time change. Have to admit I am a little over the back and forth every year especially on the Spring one. I know staying up later than usual to watch a movie didn't help either.
Serra wrapped up the week on a strong note finishing her band audition for placement next year and completing her research project for STEM class. This coming week is her Spring Break and I foresee lots of sleeping in, Animal Crossing and boxing class. Lucky for me she is looking forward to the down time and I don't have to entertain her.
Amanda has wrapped up her Spring Break and now gets to watch everyone come back to campus today. From our weekly Friday night call she was able to get a lot of work done along with having an interview for a RA position for next year. This week she has an interview for the LA position. Both of us are impatiently waiting to hear from Wake Forest but as they were also on Spring Break this past week it's no surprise that it has been quiet. Semester is all down hill from here and will be a very fast eight weeks!
Crafts were fairly quiet this week as I took some time to rest and socialize. Taught possibly my last class at The Loopy Ewe as things there are winding down. I do have a sock class currently listed on my website but need to find a better way to get myself out there for lessons. Thankfully the shop has been giving out my cards so we will see how that goes. It has been fun to do the last few months and was seeing the best involvement that I had ever had with teaching there.
As for me this week it had moments of all sorts. I am excited for an upcoming issue for work but also need to do better with the main task I have. Need to wrap my head around some kind, any kind of photo software to learn how to take care of images better. This is the first time I have done this kind of work and the methods I know are not enough. When I feel things are going good they really aren't so I need to stay uncomfortable and lock in. Other parts of my life I don't have to accept but I do have to be at peace with where they are right now. The Universe keeps saying patience and trust so I will remain steadfast and here. 
This week! Spring Break! There will be a little bit of fun thrown into the mix as I have had a couple of requests from the young one. Baseball has finally resolved their issues and today is Selection Sunday so it's time for brackets baby! Breathe, don't give in to picking Nova, be here, stay strong, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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