Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It is grey and chilly in my little corner of the Fort today. I can see a bit of sunshine peeking over one of the buildings to the east outside of my window. Hopefully it will make for a brighter day. 
What did we do this week? It was a bumpy start for Serra with getting rid of that head cold she caught the previous Friday. She stayed home a couple of extra days to clear the cough out and catch up on homework. The extra time also gave her some practice for her French presentation that she nailed on Friday. Only a few more night driving hours to complete before she can go in for her driver's test.
Amanda is still enjoying her time off. Professors are starting to get ready for the fall so she has some emails and a list to start taking care of. Hopefully she will also start looking to see what she can find for a late spring/early summer internship. 
Work was relatively quiet this week with the high points being preparation for an upcoming photo shoot and a good training session. I will be taking on more of one of the magazines in particular and be added to the review process on the issue coming up. 
Crafts saw more time with Little Lou. I have about one ounce remaining of the Malabrigo Nube braid that I purchased at our Webs visit in September. My lace-along spin is also in progress.
One ounce down, nine to go! I am loving the Australian Merino that I ordered from RaniSmithDesigns. I also spent some time knitting on Serra's project as we watched The Menu last night, absolutely amazing film with a lot of layers to it.
As for me it was a week of intense emotion, some good, some bad. My younger self was scared of that good intensity and now I crave it. The more intensely something is felt the more it stays with me and eases the down times. Then we have the bad ones. Anger reared its ugly head and took over the latter half of the week. I took some time to sit with it on Saturday, and as usual, anger is a masking emotion. This time around it was masking fear. The fear that I am not enough for those around me and the fear that differences in opinions and viewpoints will keep me from something I want and have wanted for a long time. I need to find my faith in myself again and trust in the Universe.
Next week! Exams and band rehearsals for Serra and setting up email meetings for Amanda. For me? More learning to understand new duties and working on the house and myself. Not always glamorous but always necessary. Breathe, believe, do, Love, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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  • Mélina Bernhardt

    Beautiful writing Katrina! Thank you for sharing. I love you and your work!

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