Is it really fall?

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! It's possible that the weather has finally turned to fall here in my little corner of the Fort as it's kinda chilly with a good breeze blowing. It hasn't felt like fall or September at all for me this month and here it is gone already. Marching band signals fall for and not having it this year has been tougher on me than Serra. Yesterday should have been the Legacy Competition and I have to admit I missed it. Hoping that the cooler temperatures help with the firefighting efforts as yesterday saw a lot of smoke here.
What did we do this last week? Serra is doing great things in her art class. She has constantly said "I'm terrible at drawing" something Amanda and I both know to be false. I think the class is finally giving her some self confidence in her abilities.
My copy of Handwoven arrived!
Did a quick count and found that this is publication number 25 that I've contributed to over the last 7 seven years.
My bread cloths were the first time I had ever done a Summer Winter pattern. A Summer Winter pattern shows similar patterns on each side but one side turns out lighter in coloring. Historically the weave was used for bed coverlets using the light side up during the summer months and the darker side up during winter.
The Autumn collection pieces are currently drying and I will get them listed soon. Didn't get as many done as I had hoped but still good to get some new things up on the site. Things with the new job are going good too. We got things in customer service cleaned up quicker than anticipated so I'm getting new things to do to transition over into another position. I'm thankful that I can do it from home and that the hours are flexible.
As for me this week. Sleep is a beautiful thing and when you are having trouble getting it things get ugly. This line from Desiderata was very much a motto: "Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness." Several of my thoughts and feelings were dark this week; of never being good enough, of always being behind, of only existing instead of living. The Universe keeps tell me to relax and be patient and be in the moment so I will, kinda have to be, but man sometimes it's hard to.
Next week! Susan is still waiting to be dressed, Rapunzel is about halfway done with her piece. Flynn says come back and play with my tiny silk and Max is the one being patient. I have a pair of socks to finish for work and a handspun shawl to finish and write up. Breathe, sleep and take care of you. See you next week :) 

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