It's all about the looms

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Spring is happening here in my little corner of the Fort. Blue skies, sunshine, green buds coming in on the trees and cool breezes that I hope stick around. That 80* afternoon school run is too hot just yet! The sun and my window prisms are also in concert so that I get to see rainbows every morning. I never realized before how much color has always been a part of my life but like a friend told me a couple of years ago I simply wasn't ready to see it yet.
This week! Serra is counting down the number of days she has remaining in the semester along with giving teachers her own kind of grief. It's hard to get after a kid in class for not paying attention when their grade is a 97%. She is going to check out some clubs this week and I hope that she will get started on finding her tribe for the next three years. We are also finding food alternatives as she has recently become lactose intolerant. She still wants to eat mac 'n' cheese but maybe if she can deal for a month without it her body can heal and enjoy it occasionally.
Amanda is working hard to wrap up the semester. Tomorrow is the last official day of classes with finals beginning on Thursday. She will be back in a couple of weeks. I've been careful to not say home because home isn't a physical location. Home is where you are yourself and embraced for everything you are. Sometimes that is a place but I've found more often that it's a state of being or the people you are with. Chili House and Cafe Mexicali have been requested upon her return. I guess there is only so much pizza to be eaten in New York.
As for crafts it has been some project planning and time with the looms this week. Max has been patiently waiting for the last black silk warp cowl to be finished.
black silk with a maroon weft pattern 
He is a little noisy and takes a bit of concentration to get into the groove with having 16 levers to move back and forth for each pass.
Flynn is still dressed in the purple and black but will be making a public appearance this week with the Museum of Art in Fort Collins. He and I will be there Friday evening for the First Friday walk from 6-8pm. Entrance to the Masks exhibit is free for the evening and my piece has received a bid!
Susan is going to be playing with color in plainweave.
new warp colors in amber emerald and sapphire
Creating random color patterns is much easier at the warp board. This is 8/2 tencel that will have black edges and black weft. Again you don't realize how much color has been a part of your life until you go looking for inspiration and find it in a favorite series of books.
Rapunzel and I spent quite a lot of time together this week. I wound a warp in 60/2 silk for loom painting before I found how much easier it is to do at the warp board but I was still determined to get it strung up. After many hours of patience and perseverance I got to the point where some of it simply had to be let go.
silk warp in browns and golds
Thankfully I was able to detangle a good amount and will still get a scarf out of my latte inspired warp. I can assure you the next 60/2 silk random warp will be color designed at the warp board.
As for me it was a good week. Life is in one of those transition phases from spring to summer where activities and routines are different. I'm the weird one in that I still get up early during the summer! Also the time detangling Rapunzel was meditative and thoughtful. Patience, something I've been told I need to learn and that I'm working on. Perseverance, you might bear some scars from your past but you'll survive it and most likely come out stronger. But also in letting go. I understand the fight, there are aspects of my life that I am still fighting for and always, always will. The best thing I did for the silk this week was realize when it was at the point where it wouldn't take anymore and instead of forcing it I accepted it.
This week!! More time with the looms and yes I am still knitting on the first of the shawl project. Size 2 needles and silk takes a while but it will be worth it. Breathe, soak in the spring rebirth energy, take care of you and I'll be back next week :)

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