It's the end of the year as we know it and I feel fine

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The last one of 2020! No white Christmas here but definitely on the chilly side this morning. I hope that everyone had a good holiday.
What did we do this last week? With school being finished the girls decided to take a mental break and spend the week catching up on their sleep. They've had quite a few late mornings. On the other hand I've kept my routine of getting up in the morning. It gives me more time to do things like music, reading and exercise. Still riding my bike but need to add back in other things as well. Guess that's the good thing about the start of a new year even though any changes to life can be made at anytime.
We had a bit of an unconventional Christmas this time around that we affectionately called "Open-box Christmas." What does this mean? We talked about gifts and got things that they really wanted or needed. So yes they knew some of the packages that they opened but you know what? They were also very happy with them because they were exactly what they wanted and will be put to good use. I did get in a few surprises with winter gear from RPI and limited edition mid-calf sneakers from Demonia which were fun. As for me I helped the girls out by replacing my 25 year old set of colored pencils and ordered a couple of dragon spindles from John Galen. 
Things were different for Eve as well. I still cooked far too much food but love Christmas leftovers and Zoom helped us out for our traditional Night Before Christmas read to close out the evening. It will be interesting to see what people do for the holidays next year. Will things stay scaled down for many as they were this year or will people go over the top to try to make up for 2020? Guess we'll just have to wait and see.
The end of the year tends to be a time of reflection on the previous twelve months and I find that I'm no exception to this. We knew that 2020 would be a year of change and adaptation for the three of us personally. I think that this mentality has helped us roll with the unexpectedness of the year and made some of the uncertainty easier to deal with. Each of us individually has gone through a lot of self-discovery and are ending the year knowing that we are strong enough, capable of anything and still able come through smiling in the end. As for me the word that sums up the year is unconventional. Not in the sense that the year has been that way but that my entire life is. My relationships, my family, my goals, my hobbies, my dreams not a single one of them fits into society's little box. For far too long I've tried to fit in that little box simply because I didn't know any differently. My dreams are my own and I'm over society's version of what and who I'm supposed to be. I'm accepting and embracing my unconventional life, learning that my life is how I define it.
This week! Another week of limbo! Plenty more sleeping in, Doctor Who and movies to watch along with getting some craft and study in for me. We also found an Irish tradition of opening all of the doors and windows at midnight for the new year and to let the old year out. Think that would be very appropriate this time around! Breathe, take care of you and may 2021 be the year you create for you. See you next year! :) 

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