Just happy

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Quiet so far this morning with a soft pastel sunrise out my front window. The forecast says it is going to be almost sixty degrees today! Far too warm for January and I hope it doesn't mean a massive snowstorm will be coming over spring break. 
What were we up to this week? It may sound boring to say more of the same, yet routine can be a good thing. Amanda went on a manufacturing field trip to see how water valves are made. They saw the process for different sizes ranging from two inches in diameter to these giant ones that are forty inches across!
I think she is enjoying her semester so far.
Serra had a full week that found a couple of bumps at the end. Tutoring, jazz rehearsal and a pep band basketball game made it very busy. Not sleeping the week before took its toll and she was wiped by Thursday. Thankfully a couple of big naps and getting some worries that were in the way off of her chest and she was bright eyed again Saturday morning. Sometimes the best thing you can do is talk about something to let it go.
Work was a busy one for me with the shift in photo shoot dates. I had two very full days of activity, followed by catching up emails, putting away props and storing the items we shot. I'll have a couple of quiet weeks before a stretch of eight days with two photo shoots and our new event Weave Together with Handwoven that is coming up at the end of February. Not sure if I need to be there in person yet. 
Not as much time for crafts as I would normally like with three busy days out. I did get more hexies knit and the warp I shared last week is wound onto Rapunzel. Glad I didn't order black silk as I found the lost cone I was looking for. Played a bit with some bandweaving last night.
As much I enjoy getting tied up in my work, sometimes I need to be able to pick it up and put it down. I used some larger rubber bands to attach this small warp to one of my card weaving looms and it works! The threads are leftover pieces of warp from a set of towels and so I thought I would weave hang tags with it to sew onto them. Nothing fancy, just a good way to use all of the yarn.
As for me, it's been a good week. It's amazing the effect sleep has on a person physically and mentally. I'm hoping mine is going to stay solid like it was this week without any weird dreams. Things are moving in the right direction, and it feels happy. There are always things to improve or be better with, and I will be. I've also been told from many sources that it's good to stop, rest and celebrate your progress on occasion. 
Next week! We get to celebrate a birthday, play catch up from last week, and keep moving forward. Breathe, relax, feel, smile, glow, Love, soak up the moment, and I'll be back next week ;)

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