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Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Time change today which always feels weird even with this one being the favorite for everyone with gaining the extra hour. I still feel that I don't have enough time. We had our first taste of winter with a teeny tiny storm that the grass held onto for a day. It still did its damage in Denver with a HUGE black ice pileup. I guess it is a good thing the Broncos are on the bye as the stadium parking lot is currently being used as an impound yard!
What did we do this week? Jazz band for Serra has jumped into full swing with two early morning practices after the conclusion of the marching season. A project for history class has also kept her busy. They are covering various aspects of WWI and my little science nerd is taking a different approach to poison gases that she is very excited about. It's not due until Tuesday but she is already finished with her display. She is also connecting with people, making some friends and getting more and more comfortable within her own skin.
Amanda needs Wednesday to come, plain and simple. This week she has been studying for three engineering exams that all take place in the span of twenty-four hours starting Monday along with a massive linear algebra assignment due Wednesday. When her RA supervisor asked how she was, and her response was 'stressed' he alerted the next level up to check on her which annoyed her more than helped. Thankfully she has good kids on her floor that got her to relax Friday night and respected her request to not be disturbed, unless it was an emergency, or they had food donations for her on Saturday. I think if we didn't have Thanksgiving and there was a proper fall break at the midpoint of the semester she would be doing fine as fall is always this way. With her lone final being first thing in the week and her need to stay as an RA she is going to get meetings set up to confirm her remaining graduation requirements and get more information on the co-term program.
Life at work is cruising along. The things that I know how to do I feel good about, some of the random things that I think should be done differently are a little harder to process. This week there is a photo shoot to prepare for and help at. As for crafts, this week has been cross-stitching which has been called my meditation and knitting. A lesson this week was on intarsia or picture knitting. I got to help a woman restart a tradition of Christmas stockings from one that she was given as a teen. 
As for me, the week started rough and gradually got better. How dreams can still hold so much power over the waking world is beyond me. Perhaps this one had extra strength with it being Halloween weekend and the belief that the veils between worlds are the thinnest at that time of the year. In any case I am grateful for the help I received to pull myself out of its hold. I am at a place now that I never thought I would be years ago, and it feels good. I will always be a work in progress, but it never hurts to stop for a minute and say 'yes, I am doing this'. As for the future and things I want in life, I'm not working in absolutes or creating a specific timeline in which things have to happen. My thoughts are extremely broad and general. I want my girls to happy and independent, more time to spend with those I love, and to be independent and support myself. I get curious and wonder what others want in life because I am so full of joy and hope right now about everything that I want them to feel that as well.
Next week! Lots of band as Serra has two extra rehearsals to prepare for a festival. Amanda will crush her exams and assignment and sleep deep on Wednesday after all of it. For me? Photo shoot prep and the shoot itself, meetings, knitting lesson, and creating. Breathe, feel, dream, want, hope, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)

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