Keep Rollin'

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! The sun is shining bright in my little corner of the Fort even though the temperature does not agree. Colder weather is starting to set in overnight and makes you reach for that extra blanket and the snooze button.
So what did we do this week? A lot of it was spent catching up with the East Coast kid. Amanda made it back to CO Saturday evening. I've gotten to hear how there's no Mexican food in NY and how college kids are simply oversized toddlers. Working across time zones has its own quirks. If you thought 8 am classes were bad in college try 6 am for Physics and Chemistry! Thankfully she's only got a couple more weeks of classes and then finals to finish up along with prepping for next semester. 
Serra also has three weeks remaining in the strangest high school semester ever. Some of her classes are still too easy for her and she finally has an English teacher that is engaging and interesting. I would imagine that the first part of spring semester is going to look the same as things are now and that's okay. We are simply rolling with whatever life throws at us right now.
As for crafts, lots of little things happened. With the holiday The Tapestry got an extra day of attention. I'm hoping to finish the last page and a half of the current section by the end of the year. The weaving portion for the Masks project is finished.
This week I'll be painting, gluing and finishing as it needs to be delivered on Saturday! 
Bobbins got spangled and more yak/silk spun.
So lots of little things that add up to more than I thought I accomplished this week. Sometimes I need to see things like this to know that I didn't just waste time.
As for me it was a good week. I suppose that life is doing what it's meant to do at the moment and for once I'm not pushing against it trying to make it go faster. There are of course goals and where I want to be in the future but somehow in loosening up my tight grip on the reins I've found more control, along with some peace in the moment. What comes next? I don't know, but I do know I'll be able to handle it. 
Next week! 6 am classes, schoolwork, the Masks project and starting a cross stitch design as it needs to be delivered in late January. Keep breathing, keep growing, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week ;)

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