Learning to slow down

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Thankfully it seems the cooler temperatures at night are here to stay. I do wish they would have helped with sleep this week. Serra has especially been enjoying being able to sleep under her weighted blankets again. Now if I can figure out how to get rid of the cough she's dealt with for the last two days, all would be well.

What did we do this week? Amanda has an amazingly quiet group of freshmen this year as she is on duty this weekend, and everything has been calm. The most exciting thing has been the Spider-man movie marathon that has been happening in one of the halls. They started a few weeks back with the 2004 film and were watching Far from Home last night. She has some homework to tackle today after spending the day at the mall yesterday.

Other than this cough, Serra had a quiet week. We learned about the trip the French teacher is planning for spring break and chose her Senior photos. She met with her counselor as required and hopefully letters of rec will be finished soon. Her English class started reading Frankenstein and I have never seen her this excited about a book before. Part of the assignment is to look at the characters through a specific lens and she has broken out her AP Psych knowledge to diagnose their issues. 

Work was a busy one with a two-day location shoot. Our stylist made it easy with having props and set ready to go. Also received another bit of praise from one of the editors for my work on shoots. Fingers crossed it will lead to good things. This week is not quieter, rather more time at the computer catching up. Web posts, spring files, project check-in, a pattern to write are a few of the things on the list. 

With such a busy week there wasn't much time for crafts. What am I saying?! There is always time for craft! I finished the last bit of some camel/silk from Greenwood Fiberworks.

I thought I had a skein of 120/2 silk to ply it with from Redfish Dyeworks. If I do, I can't find it. Darn, I have to go silk shopping. I'll have to check on some of my other roving colors before I place an order.

Sometimes when the brain is tired, but the hands are awake I pull out the stranger crafts.

Nothing quite like a box of washed Paco-Vicuña fiber that needs guard hairs removed to make for a wild and crazy Thursday night. It is a slow-going meditative process. Perfect for those brain drained evenings.

As for me it was a solid and busy week. Proud of Serra for taking care of herself to get to school and back on the days I was on the shoot. I am still not good at completely relaxing and do that on rare days. However, I am slowing down and not pushing quite as hard on life. The meaning of the word 'productivity' has changed and as long as I am consistent in my efforts, I feel pretty good about it. Saturdays are still tough. I think it is due to the lack of routine in them. Weekdays have a rhythm and Sunday is for rest. Saturdays need some kind of pattern to keep my mood from going blue. 

This week! More of the same for all three of us. Maybe this calmer pace I am experiencing will continue to take hold. Breathe, let go, find the stillness, Love, take care of YOU and I'll be back next week :)


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