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Good Morning and Happy Sunday Internetland! I hope that this last week treated you well. 
So what creativity has been happening here this last week? We've finished concert band season for both girls with movie music filled concerts and already jumped into marching band for the fall with welcoming in the new freshmen this past Saturday. I finished the publish project and got it shipped off in time to the magazine. Once I know dates I will share when it will be available. Currently there are 10 new colors of yarn in various stages of rinsing and drying that I will photograph this week and take into Your Daily Fiber. My two quarterly colors based on the lilac photo I shared in a previous post are also coming along and will be available soon. Had to perform surgery on a friend:
And have been bitten by the tatting bug lately
This is the Spring 2019 doily from Renulek a Polish tatter that creates beautiful patterns. I made several of her snowflakes last year. This is the start of round 8 which for me was a challenge trying to figure out the proper flow. Being left handed makes everything in tatting go backwards. My shuttles there are from David Reed Smith. He's a fabulous woodworker that makes shuttles in various woods and sizes. Counted mine up and realized that I have 8 from him already in just four years of tatting. 
As for things happening in the larger world, I don't want to get political but I feel the need to say something. The laws that are being passed in other states right now are about choice, fear and control. First, choice. Here in my state of Colorado marijuana is legal. I have no problem with this because I have seen the relief that it can give to those that deal with anxiety and its pain relieving properties for cancer patients, however I personally choose not to partake. It's just like choosing to sit around and eat donuts all day or choosing to go to the gym, my choice. I have the right to ignore or take care of my body. No one has tied me down and force fed me donuts and made me suffer the ill effects that it would have on me. Next fear and control, women have become more vocal and visible in recent history which I think is great, not because I think men are doing a bad job but because I believe in equality and working together. I don't want to see or be a part of a gender war. Men are fascinating, glorious beings and my life would be much less without the influence they've had on me. I hope that the few men that are in my life know how much I appreciate them being there, for them being who they are and that they see me for who I am. 
Okay, time to step back in to the little portion of the world that I can control: myself. Hoping to finish a personal project this week along with getting Rapunzel threaded and another portion of Susan painted. Probably need to talk to Daddy and see what his summer plans are too. I hope each of you smile this week and thank the people in your life for being a part of it :)

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