Lots of heat

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! I am enjoying the cooler temperatures so far today. It would be wonderful if it would stay this way all day. My weather app says otherwise. I may not be able to affect the outside temperature but maybe I can get my temper to cool down. Lately, it has matched the heat outside.
What have we been up to this week? Serra is working on enjoying as much of the summer break as she can. Her current pursuits have been sleeping in, Animal Crossing, Shark week viewing and puzzle cube solving. We have done a bit of driving and she now has PT exercises to do daily to help with her hip. She has roped me into to doing these also. Maybe it is a good way to get me back into the swing of exercising. 
Amanda is back into the rhythm of classes with a new one that meets four days a week over the next six. It is a lot of material to cover so I hope it goes well. She also did great on an exam that she was fretting about so that is good. I have a feeling the summer session is going feel like a snowball rolling down a hill soon into fall for her. We sent her some cookies so hopefully they will help.
What have I been up to? Work saw jumping back in with both feet after the short holiday week. I have been learning a new CMS to handle web posting along with looking through some of my older craft books to write an article for another issue. In crafts I finished another 10 grams on my little Jensen Finch.
I also found the guts to wash some wool fleece I ordered from New Zealand.
I took a similar approach to what Margaret Stove demonstrates in her Spinning for Lace video and have to say that I am pleased with how it is coming out. Hopefully it will all be dry today. I don't have any more fiber to wash so I suppose it will be time to start figuring out what I want to do with it.
As for me emotions ran hot especially during the last half of the week. Some of it was from other's perception of the past. That life at that time was perfect and the influence of those gone is still here today. I can assure you it was not perfect, and that influence is gone. My girls and I have created the last five years on our own. Part of my temper was a flare up of the issue from the week before. I have been relishing my independence and being able to stand on my own two feet. I forgot how this doesn't work in people with relationships so it's good that I was reminded of it, yet again.
This week! A photo shoot, more exercising with Serra, weaving for Art in the Park, and finding some way to leash this temper. Breathe, focus, calm, Love, take care of YOU, and I'll be back next week :)

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